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  • WIFI adapters USB

    SILICEA ONLINE STORE has the best catalog of WIFI adapters. Our computer store offers the best network cards for both internal board as USB. Antennas potent and long-range, High-speed up to 300mb per second and the nano WIFI adapters for laptops. Available in stock the best WIFI antenna to connect to more distance on the outside or inside. Don't the parties need to make a WIFI antenna homemade, following complicated manuals and videos are not professional, the antenna more inexpensive and economical are those of SILICEO SHOP with 2 years warranty. Our professional team can advise you on any installation. Antenna that crosses walls and walls. Antenna with chip Ralink RT3070 mode-monitor and audit. All antennas are compatible with security WEP WPA WPA2 and WPS. Have to sell the nano WIFI adapter smallest and lightest in the world. If you need to connect your PC or laptop, any of these antennas will be very useful to have internet at the maximum speed. Most of our adapters and wireless receivers carry detachable antenna with SMA connector that allows you to replace the antenna series on the other directional or more powerful. All products are in stock ready for shipment. Express shipping 24h. for the whole of Spain and Portugal.

    If you are looking for is the WIFI adapter most powerful on the market, without a doubt, we recommend these five models:

    1 - The WIFI adapter most powerful of MELON SILICON USB 36dbi with 10 metres of cable for external

    2 - Novelty adapter WIFI AC with USB 3.0 for interior, long-range RTL8812AU 867Mbps

    3 - The classic Alfa AWUS036H AWUS036NHH AWUS036NHR with omni-directional antenna 18dbi

    4-- outdoor Antenna for caravan, coated, waterproof omni-directional 13dbi

    5 - With more than 300Mps wifi Adapter powerful of Widemac with 2 antennas MIMO system 1TSR 1000mW RALINK RT5372


    If you also need a router amplifier, WIFI to extend coverage on multiple floors of your local house or visit our section of REPEATER WIFI

  • Dual-Band 5GHz 2,4Ghz
  • WIFI antennas Directional

    The wifi antenna is the passive element that captures the energy it receives from the station. A WIFI antenna is used to detect the WIFI signal that is in its scope of coverage and as well get connected to be able to access the Internet. The WIFI antenna can go coupled devices very varied as WIFI adapters, USB WIFI router, access Point or WIFI computers, tablets, cameras, WIFI and a plethora of terminals. A wifi antenna works thanks to its electromagnetic frequency complies with the standard 802.11 that on the passage of time has been updated to be improved in successive versions, each time allowing more speed: 802.11 a, 802.11 b, 802.11 g, 802.11 n etc

    The WIFI antennas directional or policies are those that by their form concentrate most of the radiated energy so focused to a point or direction. A WIFI antenna directional normally increases the power emitted towards the receiver or from the transmitter and prevents interference.

    Types of Directional antennas powerful are the antennas, Yagi antennas Panles, sectorial Antennas and Parabolic antennas WIFI.

  • WIFI antennas,...

    The Omni-directional Antennas for WIFI serve to broadcast the WIFI signal in all directions with the same intensity generating a wide beam but short range. If a directional antenna sometimes s ecompara with a flashlight emitting light, an omnidirectional antenna would be like a street lamp that emits light in all directions with little scope but to illuminate very well in the proximity. The Omni-directional antennas for WIFI emit the information in the 360-degrees of coverage so that it is possible to establish communication even moving through the covered area because they do not require alignment.

  • KIT WIFI antennas

    The KIT wifi antennas, combined with the best wifi adapters and USB router repeater, are the ideal way to achieve the two objectives most wanted amateurs to install antennas wifi:

    * Reach out and establish stable links with WIFI networks far away

    * Repeat the internet picked up by WIFI to the whole house via router and repeater WIFI intelligent.

    To achieve these purposes, you may opt for one of these KIT's economic SILICEOUS STORE. Do not hesitate to contact a technician from the shop to advise the best option for each particular case.

    SILICON ONLINE STORE please Contact us



  • SMA extension cable WIFI

    How to bring the internet of a house to another by WIFI

    When we want to share the internet with another person, carry the connection of a house to another house nearby, or an annex of our home, or believe a wireless network is shared between several local or jobs, we have many solutions quick and simple. Free Internet does not exist, but at present there are in operation many wifi city or free access points in town councils, associations, and businesses that have a limited scope, but that is easy to bind with the equipment wireless suitable. In this guide, we outlined 3 solutions to take the internet to 100 / to 500 meters with direct vision. The conditions of a wifi link are dependent on the environment, barriers, interferences, etc, and is different in each location. With the new wifi equipment it is possible to connect to several kilometers. The wifi system 2.4 Ghz works very well in open field and without interference, the electrical appliances, high voltage cables, and other wi-fi networks are electromagnetic fields that can produce cuts in the connection. In central cities there is a lot of interference, and wifi networks occupying the majority of the channels of the frequency a/b/g/n however in towns and rural areas connections have more scope. Today the new frequency of 5Ghz wifi AC 5g connections are possible free of interference and with greater scope.

    Top tips to extend the WIFI coverage from a router.

    In the first place, it is recommended that the router that have internet now is place near the window, as high as possible and facing the house or building where you want the link to be established. Replace the antenna rod bearing of series the router , other type of directional or with greater sensitivity will cause the router to extend its range of action wireless.

    Concepts and terms about WIFI:

    WIFI adapter / wifi Antenna / Receiver wifi / Wifi Dongle: Are adapters for the PC take the internet by wifi. The new models are very powerful, and with more scope than the series of notebooks. The most current models connect via USB and have built a wifi antenna with a different sensitivity of reception from 2dbi up to 36dbi.
    Wireless access point / AP: access Point is a device, usually a router, which emits wifi to connect multiple devices in the environment. In English it is called a Wireless Access Point, known by the acronym WAP or AP. The main function of a PA is to convey information between the wireless local area network or WLAN and local area network wired LAN: devices that give access to the internet by wifi.
    WIFI client: is a feature available on some routers and CPE are configured as receiver wifi. The router client operates as a receiver-in wifi, you can connect wirelessly with another router and repeat by cable, or by wifi to a PC or another router with access point.
    Repeater wifi mode / repeater/ wifi range extender: it is a router or mini-router that connects to the internet by wifi and amplifies the coverage range of the access point. Most have a function, Client, bridge and repeater wifi. Very useful device to cover areas of the house such as the garden, the upper floor of the house next door etc.. For a correct installation will have to be placed in the area where there is now good wifi coverage. Reach about 30 / 50 meters.
    Infrastructure mode: a wireless network consisting of a router working as an AP is said to be a network operating in Infrastructure mode. In this mode, the AP sets the wireless network, basically allowing you to configure the network name or SSID. Also allows you to configure the type of security (WPA, WPA2) and key or password access. The main router, takes the internet and transmits it by cable and wifi.
    Mode WDS (Wireless Distribution System): Is a configuration system that creates a bridge between two separate networks. It is a way used to establish bridges wifi. The WDS is not a wifi standard, and sometimes does not work between router of different brands.
    WIFI bridge / WDS Mode with AP.: andste mode is a mixture of the previous two. Allows an AP to establish a wireless bridge with another AP and at the same time establishing a wifi network, you can give performance problems on the router.
    PoE (Power over Ethernet): is a system that allows the feeding electrically a device using two of the wires of a network cable Rj45. Allows a router or AP is installed far from a plug or on the outside as it may take a Rj45 cable of up to 120m which makes it work.
    Antenna wifi omni-directional: allows you to connect to wifi networks located in any position with an angle of 360°. They usually have a limited scope.
    Wifi antenna or Panel directional: can be targeted, and establishes connections in a direction, have a longer range of wifi coverage.

    Three solutions, easy-share WIFI to link two or more houses.

    36dbi antena Panel WIFI 2000mw USB 10m cable 2W MELON N810 beini

    1 - With a wifi antenna powerful USB.
    The antenna MELON SILICEO of 36dbi is an antenna very popular and sold. Easy install is recommended for connections in open spaces, villages, towns, environment, ruaral, open field, etc, Is directed towards the access point AP and free get connections is very stable.
    Advantages: waterproof for outdoor, is placed in the window, and get the best vision direct. 10 m Cable USB, antenna is very powerful which take the internet and transmits it to a PC or laptop, very easy to install and with a long reach. It works with the chip RT3070 with high-speed wifi N and a high-performance on Linux, Wifiway and Beini, it works with all windows, MAC (10.9) and Linux. You can connect to a router Openwrt SILICON.
    Limitations: only useful to a computer.

    Pack Router repetidor Openwrt USB + Antena WIFI 36dbi Panel 10m

    2 - Antenna UISB WIFI to pick up internet and deal with router Openwrt.
    The router OPENWRT SILICEO they can connect to a wifi antenna USB. This antenna kit wifi USB + wifi router, allows you to repeat the internet linked with a wifi antenna that works with the chip RTL8187 and RT3070. Recommended type Blueway N9500 or the Melon SILICON 36dbi panel.
    Advantages: once we know that the wifi antenna is connected to a network, we can connect it by USB to the router Openwrt is and what it does is to repeat the WIFI and cable connection to the internet that house the antenna. You'll be able to connect all the computers and mobile tablet you need in your home for WIFI.
    Limitations: only works when the connection for the wifi antenna is stable and of high quality.

    MELON N828 CPE PoE 300mb WIFI AP router repetidor exterior

    3 - Station WIFI with PoE power. Nanostation Router CPE Client, or repeater.
    The new CPE or router with PoE devices are waterproof, are placed on the outside, on the window or roof and is configured as a WIFI CLIENT. Can get internet and transmits it by cable to another router within your home that will do as the access point. The CPE s epuede configure repeater mode (repeater) so that the wifi is divided in two wireless interfaces, one that makes it as a client connecting to long distance and the other creating a new wifi network, with a new name and password by issuing as an access point. In any case, it is recommended that the wireless network is used with a single mode and a time-bound connecting cable of a repeater wifi work as an access point. It is the best solution to link two houses via wifi. It is universal for windows and MAC etc If you manage to install this router POE connected to another router inside your house, and you get the wifi coverage, you'll have stable internet always. The router once configured to work always even if you turn off and turn back on. It is also a good solution to connect a CPE in one of the houses in AP mode by issuing long-distance, and in the other house a CPE client mode. This provides a stable connection to long distance to be able to share uuna wifi network between two houses or local removed with a router repeater wifi to put inside of house as an Access Point.

  • Alfa Network

    Antennas WIFI Alfa Network the best brand of wifi adapters USB powerful, The best store to buy antennas Alfa.


    If you know of Wireless Internet then you know that ALFA is the antenna most recommended on the Market. In the forums and pages expecializadas always appears that ALFA is the BEST ANTENNA AND MOST RECOGNIZED IN THE MARKET.
    The different models of Alfa-mounted chip of the prestigious brands Realtek and Ralink. For example the legendary ALFA AWUS036H takes the chip Realtek RTL8187. All these chip are compatible com audit programs monitor, such as Beini, Wifislax; Backtrack in their different distributions.

    Currently, other brands have matched the quality and prestige of this brand, such as Melon, Blueway, B-link Comfast, WIDEMAC, Silicon etc, all of them mounted the same chip quality, but Alfa remains the first to be released.

    Adapters WiFi USB long range of this brand ALFA NETWORK are:

    Alfa AWUS036H. The most famous and recommended. Chip realtek RTL8187L

    Alfa AWUS036NHR: The best WiFi adapter long distance to connect to networks of 150Mb WIFI N

    For networks 802.11 N adapter/card offers the best performance compared to other adapters/card available at the global level.
    Power of 2000mW (Tx) according to the manufacturer's specifications. Cable with two USB ports to ensure the electric power supply.
    MIMO technology 802.11 N compatible with all wireless networking standards for PC and network access points WiFi: 802.11 N, 802.11 G, 802.11 B
    Compatible with all versions of Windows and also is the antenna Alfa USB WiFi compatible with Mac OS 9 and 10
    Includes an antenna with SMA connector 5dBi and a connector for antenna (RP-SMA)
    Stand type suction cup that allows it to be installed in a window or on the rear of a screen or window.

    Alfa also manufactures antennas miniparabólicas directional Panel-type that allow to be attached and to improve the signal of the antennas Alfa compatible with free SMA.

    Other versions for similar features and similar scope:

    AWUS036NHR stands out enough in front of his sister, the AWUS036NH by the inclusion of chip Realtek while AWUS036NH leads ralink
    AWUS036NHA takes chipset Atheros, the atheros chip are most used in Linux for its greater support and compatibility for this operating system. All models are distributed with the CD of installation of drivers for Alfa, basic manual of user, installation manual, instructions, supports, etc, are easy to install and have high durability.


  • MELON WIFI Wholesaler...

    MELON WIFI USB adapters and antennas



  • Dongle WiFi HDMI

    What is a Dongle WiFi HDMI

    WiFi adapters with HDMI connector are capable of providing a sync our smartphone to the tv. With this adapter, users can transfer video, photos, music, files, or games from mobile phones, laptops, or PC with Windows 8.1 or higher, iOS and Mac OS, up to one tv, HD TV or projectors with HDMI port, all via WiFi.

    All mobile devices support a similar interface and you can use it as a remote control.

    The Dongle WIFI support Miracast, Airplay, EZMirror, EZAir, EZMirror etc
    Perfect for the home or for travel, only llévealo always with you to enjoy the most advanced technology.

  • WiFi Antennas Sectoral

    Sectorial Antennas 2,4GHz for WiFi are some directive antennas with a large horizontal opening. Usually sectorial antennas covering openings of 30º to 120º. This type of antennas are used by the professionals to carry connections to a lot of distance for exterior installations of wireless networks WiFi d elargo scope

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