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SILICEA ONLINE STORE has the best catalog of WIFI adapters. Our computer store offers the best network cards for both internal board as USB. Antennas potent and long-range, High-speed up to 300mb per second and the nano WIFI adapters for laptops. Available in stock the best WIFI antenna to connect to more distance on the outside or inside. Don't the parties need to make a WIFI antenna homemade, following complicated manuals and videos are not professional, the antenna more inexpensive and economical are those of SILICEO SHOP with 2 years warranty. Our professional team can advise you on any installation. Antenna that crosses walls and walls. Antenna with chip Ralink RT3070 mode-monitor and audit. All antennas are compatible with security WEP WPA WPA2 and WPS. Have to sell the nano WIFI adapter smallest and lightest in the world. If you need to connect your PC or laptop, any of these antennas will be very useful to have internet at the maximum speed. Most of our adapters and wireless receivers carry detachable antenna with SMA connector that allows you to replace the antenna series on the other directional or more powerful. All products are in stock ready for shipment. Express shipping 24h. for the whole of Spain and Portugal.

If you are looking for is the WIFI adapter most powerful on the market, without a doubt, we recommend these five models:

1 - The WIFI adapter most powerful of MELON SILICON USB 36dbi with 10 metres of cable for external

2 - Novelty adapter WIFI AC with USB 3.0 for interior, long-range RTL8812AU 867Mbps

3 - The classic Alfa AWUS036H AWUS036NHH AWUS036NHR with omni-directional antenna 18dbi

4-- outdoor Antenna for caravan, coated, waterproof omni-directional 13dbi

5 - With more than 300Mps wifi Adapter powerful of Widemac with 2 antennas MIMO system 1TSR 1000mW RALINK RT5372


If you also need a router amplifier, WIFI to extend coverage on multiple floors of your local house or visit our section of REPEATER WIFI


  • Antenna WIFI USB powerful

    Buy WiFi Antenna long-range. Gain 8dbi 10dbi 12dbi 14dbi 18dbi 36dbi power 1w 2w 3w

    With this type of antenna WIFI adapter USB built-in you can extend the range of Wifi signal of your PC to reach several kilometers, allows you to get links between houses or premises at a great distance. The Wireless system without cables is based on the reception of a WiFi signal by increasing the capacity of the antenna to track and receive the wireless signal that is being sent by a transmitter. You can attach antennas for more gain on your current adapter, or make the leap to a panel antenna direcional outer, with waterproof system. A Wifi antenna powerful you will allow your devices to operate further away from the Wi-fi transmitter of your wireless home network. All that is needed is some components of nuestera e-shop.

    Antennas WIFI USB powerful professionals of SILICON ELECTRONIC STORE

    The antennas are homemade are a resource of the past. With these prices it puts at the disposal of all users the use of these antennas long range. With the manuals, which incorporate, you will learn how to protect your wifi network with programs to prevent hacking of passwords, and how to verify the security of your wifi network. Allow you to eliminate interference. You can use them to prevent stealing wifi or how to avoid hack wifi passwords WEP and WPA security. A very common is to buy a wifi antenna long range you can put in the window, roof or in the terrace, and captures all the wifi networks in 5 Km, and is perfectly compatible with the programs audit and monitor mode.

    It is time to enjoy online shopping from the comfort of your home or business and manage all the wifi antennas and adapters that you need, now you have no excuse to have all your connections with a wifi signal excellent, you just have to find the device or devices that best suit what you need, you have adapters, router with a 3G signal and 4G signal boosters to improve the quality of wifi at home, Guiate by our experience with promotions to take one or more products with the current offers and everything you want in your electronics store of choice.

    Chip Ralink RT3070 - RT3070L the most commonly used for audits monitor mode with LINUX Beini BT WifiSlax

    RT3070 is the chip most commonly used to download at 150 Mbps. The drivers that use the antenna Blueway BT-N9500 Alpha , Melon WIFISKY ...not only have a great speed of download or download, but are the drivers compatible with Windows MAC OS and Linux for all kinds of auiditorías. This software is the most widely used system for developers of security WEP and WPA based on this type of chip.

    Ralink - MEDIATEK MTK is constantly improving their drivers for RT3070 and you can download the latest update from the official page of Ralink / MEDIATEK allowing the purchaser of these antennas to always have the driver most up to date. This driver improved by Blueway on the N9500 N9800 and the N9200 it is also used by EDUP, Widemac, Alpha Network, MELON and COMFAST, Allowing SILICATE SHOP offer the best antennas with the chip more modern and functional. The downloads will work faster and the connections will be completely stable.

  • WIFI antenna USB 300...
  • Receptor WIFI USB MINI...

    Receivers USB WIFI nano and MINI with miniature design – Portable plug-and-play

    With its miniature size and its design smooth and bright, users can connect the nano adapter to any USB port and leave it there.
    You do not have to worry about blocking the USB interfaces that are adjacent to or because the adapter you can get off when you move or transport your Laptop in any trip.
    They have recently come on the market WIFI adapters connection USB dimensions tiny, no bigger than a coin of 20 cts., very discreet and practical for use in portable computers that do not have a wifi card built in.
    Also often used to repair laptops or tablets whose WIFI does not work or have little scope. Because of their versatility they are used even on PC and on desktop computers.
    Its small size allows you to not block the USB inputs are adjacent and their price make them excellent alternatives to provide WIFI connectivity to all types of equipment.
    Compatible with drivers for WINDOWS 8 and successive, MAC OSX and LINUX. Realtek and Ralink are constantly updating the drivers to improve the performance of these nano devices.
    The download speed is similar to the adapter receivers, the WIFI antenna of more size, and are sufficient to connect at home and in bars or public spaces.

    Speeds Wireless N 150Mbps enable Wireless Signals Stable. Comply with the standards 802.11 b/g/n wireless connections with data transmission speeds of up to 150Mbps, allowing wireless connections fast for streaming video, and video online games without problems. Encryption WPA / WPA2 encryptions –Advanced Security. When speaking about wireless security, WEP no longer are the stronger protections and more secure against intrusion.
    Receptor WIFI Silicon provide encryption WPA / WPA2 encryptions that are created by the WIFI Alliance™, promoting interoperability and security for WLAN, which protects the effective and efficient wireless networks of all users.

    WIFI adapters cheap USB compatible Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

    Connect to the internet our Raspberry Pi it is essential, that's why a WIFI adapter USB is the best idea to do so. Especially if you want to give certain uses, such as media center, file sharing, as IP camera etc To improve the usability of the Raspberry Pi can be fitted with a WiFi adapter external size mini or nano since the plate does not incorporate any wireless connection, so that if we want to connect the Raspberry Pi via WiFi will have to do it with a mini USB wifi adapter such as those of this section. It is a simple and fast installation, with a few lines of code we will have everything set up so I will be able to enjoy our development board with remote connection.
    The WiFi adapter is connected to the plate prior to its ignition. With these mini USB WIFI compatible with Raspberry Pi we will have our plate connected to the Internet wirelessly, so we can dispense with having to work with a cable network for all, because with the small WiFi adapter we will have a connection in any place. Once we have the Raspberry connected to the internet, we now have several ways of controlling the device remotely, via your website or with smart mobile devices.

    The mini WIFI adapters cheap USB SILICON SHOP carry compatible chipset are easily configurable with the Raspberry Pi.

    Chip WIFI Mediatek Ralink and Realtek Compatible with Raspberry Pi

    Chip Ralink RT5370 RT3070
    Chip Realtek RTL8188 / RTL8188EU / RTL818CU / RTL818CUS / TL8188RU / RTL8191SU



  • SMA WIFI Antenna
  • 5GHz WIFI AC

    The new technology of WIFI AC 5GHz. Has reached the Gigabit WIFI.

    With the replacement of the frequency band of 2.4 Ghz for 5Ghz. standardized the new WIFI ultra-fast WIFI AC 5Ghz. This system arises from the need to establish long-distance links in a frequency up to now interference-free. In some urban areas there are too many devices connected to the frequency band WIFI of 2.4 GHz, this can cause interference that decreases the speed and the security of the connections. The band recently released of 5 GHz is much less used and the systems of WiFi AC %GHZ this frequency to reach farther and faster. With fewer devices connected, will reach higher speeds with greater bandwidth of the channel. The new connections of WiFi AC can be faster than the cable.The new standard approved officially in January of 2014, with the technical name of WiFi 802.11 ac, has several common names:
    Wireless AC WiFi / AC / WiFi 5G WiFi / 1 Gbit. Since that date it has become the favorite standard of the manufacturers of routers, WIFI adapters, antennas, access points, and the new Android smartphones. The band 11AC can offer a minimum speed of at least 1 gbps, with a flow rate of a single connection of more than 500Mbps. The technology developed and proven has fact that routers and wifi antennas AC are sufficiently economic for individuals and businesses to update many of its devices.

    In the homes there are increasingly more fiber optic connections, capable of reaching 100 megs per second but you need a router able to repeat that advantage in the WIFI system. With a WIFI AC can reach 1.3 Gbps on all devices. For an ADSL line common no change of contract. Only need to install a new router with access point WIFI AC, and change the WiFi adapters USB to the new system 5GHz. In addition, the new devices WIFI AC are compatible with all of the previous b/g/n.

    Improvements of quality and speed of the devices WIFI AC 5GHz:

    • Reach Gigabit speeds
    • Up to three times faster than the current standard wireless b/g/n
    • You get the same maximum speed (1Gps) that the network cables UTP.
    • Does not suffer outages, or interference when using the new 5 GHz band, which is more unoccupied
    • Crosses with more ease obstacles, walls and walls
    • Accepts more users connected at the same time manteninendo speed.
    • Improves the quality of the HD video displayed on streaming.
    • Improves the quality of the online game with multiplayers.
    • Better energy efficiency and battery savings.

    The new WIFI devices AC reach or surpass the speed of a Gigabit Ethernet interface. Increasingly, users demand more speed in their connections inalámbircas for tasks such as streaming high-definition video or online gaming, without problems of lag. In addition,
    The WiFi connections used in the currently used WIFI standards b / g / n, which transmit the signal through the band of 2.4 GHz. This includes not only the WiFi connections, internet but the wireless connections in devices such as remote controls, keyboards, mice, consoles, alarms, internet of things, and all the wearables.

    The 2.4 Ghz band is a radio frequency so used and common that all your bandwidth or radio spectrum is occupied by the electromagnetic emissions of electrical appliances, mobile phones, microwaves, electromagnets, high-voltage lines, etc
    With a 2.4 Ghz band is completely saturated by multiple devices at the same time there are breaks and low speeds. For these reasons, the new standard WiFi 802.11 ac just with these limitations and uses the new band released 5 GHz, practically free. In addition, the WiFi system AC is able to use the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz at the same time, with an automatic management according to the demand of the connected device, which uses a dual-mode band as compatible with the standard WIFI N.

    The system WIFI AC Dual-Band 2.4 Ghz / 5Ghz (Dual Band) compatible b/g/n

    The double belt system is designed to achieve maximum data transmission rates of up to 1 Gbps. But in addition to the new adapters USB WIFI AC with antenna dual band is a good choice that can be used to take advantage of the maximum speed with routers of the same AC technology, at the same time they will continue to work with the router's 2.4 GHz b/g/n.The 5Ghz band is also used for internet solutions, wireless long-distance. The devices WISP and Hotspot have begun to use computers Wireless WIFI the 5GHz, to provide broadband access over long distances. The use of bands open, non-licensed 2.4 Ghz and 5Ghz means that anyone can install wireless equipment, provided that these equipment comply with the regulations of the FCC and EC. With a device CPE installed by the customer it can get so easy and cheap delivery of bandwidths at long distances with antennas Wireless.

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