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        What is a Power Bnak with 2 USB ?
        The problem of the autonomy of the smartphones already has a solution. we can transport enengía in our bank, portable battery or Power Bank.
        To be able to store energy in our Power Bank, we must connect it using the micro-usb port on our pc, though we could use the wall adapter from our smartphone if we find it more comfortable, whenever an adapter of 5 volts and at least 1000mAh.

        Connecting the Power Bank to the USB port of the PC or power outlet and charging will begin.

        As soon as I connect, the leds will start to blink, and we will know it is fully charged when all three lights lit and static. As we have commented, in case we don't have a PC, you can connect the USB cable to the wall outlet using the usb adapter that we all have to charge our mobile.
        To charge our smartphone using the Power Bank, it is sufficient to connect to one d elos USB ports output.

        When we are not near a power outlet and the battery starts to run low, is the time to make use of our external battery. For that, connect the cable to the usb port of the Power Bank and the micro-usb mobile and the led indicators will turn on to show the battery level on this occasion will be gradually diminishing.Recharge the mobile with the power bank With a Power Bank PRITECH you darátotal autonomy. We can even load our mobile and the Power Bank at the same time conectandolo the PC and to the mobile, although the process will be slower due to that the mobile phone will be charged via the Power Bank which in turn is being charged from the mains outlet or the pc, and that's why we believe that the most practical approach is to always load separately.

        Now that there are these auxiliary batteries that are so useful especially for people who do a very intensive use of your smartphone.
        The big screens, data connections, and the constant use of applications make the life of the batteries in many cases do not come to a day, but carrying a Power Bank on top you can always fix this problem and we will be able to do reloads where you want to.