Ubiquiti Networks

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The brand Ubiquiti peretenece to the company EE.USA Ubiquiti Networks, Inc., maker ey provider of technology for the creation of wireless networks and Wi-fi. Ubiquiti is mainly dedicated to the production and development of hardware for wireless networks.

The specialty of Ubiquiti is the communication to long distances, and the development of systems to create Wi-fi networks. Stands out for innovation and high performance at low cost.

Seires of Products Ubiquiti

  • AirMAX
  • AirFiber
  • EdgeMAX
  • UniFi
  • UniFi VideoUniFi VoIP
  • mFi


  • NanoStation
  • AmpliFi

    AmpliFi is more than a home router in common: it is the best Wifi system. With Wifi 802.11 ac, turbocharged, AmpliFi uses multiple radios autoconfigurables and antenna technology advanced to provide ubiquitous coverage of Wifi to any home.

  • AirFiber
  • AirMax

    airMAX is a technology WIFI Ubiquiti, is a value that can be edited in the devices of the station in a network of airMAX to define the number of time slots (or amount of air time) assigned to each customer. By default, the AP gives all active clients the same amount of time. However, if the clients are configured with different priorities, the AP will give clients more or less time, depending on the priority. For the best performance, a network of airMAX whose clients have more range d eprioridad must receive the signals of the highest quality, while clients with less range should have signals of lower priority.

  • EdgeMax
  • UniFi

    Elegant industrial design. With an industrial design is clean, the equipment UniFi® Ubiquiti can be integrated without any problems in any area of wall or ceiling (mounting kits included). The LED indicator simplifies deployment and configuration.

    Scalability to thousands of mounted units in the same building.

    With their capabilities based on software, the control plane virtual UniFi® allows for unlimited scalability under one centralized controller.

    Rapid deployment of UniFi

    The Plug and Play installation and intuitive management reduce the need for dedicated resources of IT staff. Incredible longer range links

    The UniFi® AP offers a longer reach to the WIFI of up to 200 meters with UniFi AP-PRO.

  • UniFi Video

    UniFi® NVR is pre-installed with the software of Ubiquiti UniFi Video for a quick and easy deployment. Manages the video cameras UniFi and record videos according to the rules set in the software.

  • UniFi Voip
  • mFi
  • Accessories Ubiquiti

    Ubiquiti has a multitude of accessories and add-ons of assembly for their products. The power supplies PoE Ubiquiti protect against electrostatic discharge, providing grounding and surge protection. Ta,well there are switches, such as Ubiquiti TS-8-PRO, which is a switch managed, ideally both in domestic environments and in small offices. It is characterized by its industrial power.

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