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    • Arduino Module

      Placas Arduino desarrolladas por SILICEO, en varias versiones. Funciona perfectamente en una placa de desarrollo o en aplicaciones donde el espacio es primordial. Arduino tiene la gran ventaja de ser una plataforma de hadward libre. Basadas en una placa con un microcontrolador y un entorno de desarrollo, diseñadas para facilitar el uso de la electrónica en proyectos multidisciplinares. También compatibles con módulos USb serie TTL para arduino. Todos al mejor precio. Tienda con stock de cientos de unidades disponibles para envío.

      El hardware consiste en una placa con un microcontrolador y puertos de entrada y salida. Los microcontroladores más usados son el Atmega168, Atmega328, Atmega1280, ATmega8 por su sencillez y bajo coste que permiten el desarrollo de múltiples diseños. Arduino UNO PRO MINI  LEONARDO MICRO MEGA DUE ETHERNET LILYPAD ESPLORA.

    • PC fan cooler
    • Pendrive Flash Memory

      Memory USB. Pendrive. Flash memory and memory cards. USB 2.0 and 3.0

      Memory with USB connectivity is a type of data storage device that uses flash memory to store data files. Also known as: USB stick, external memory, memory stick, pen drive or pen drive. The new memories data storage with USB 3.0 offer rates read and copy improved a lot with respect to the previous USB 2.0, in addition to having compatibility with all USB 2.0 ports.
      The standard USB 3.0 lives since 2010 with USB 2.0 devices. The USB 3.0 interface allows transfer rates of up to 4.8 Gbit/s compared to 480 Mbit/s of USB 2.0. The current models use the electrical power from the USB port. These memories are resistant to dust, shock and some even the water, factors that negatively affected previous forms of portable storage, such as floppy disks, compact discs and DVD's.

      Usage recommendations for flash memories and Pendrives:

      Before you start using a USB memory stick, it is essential to format the memory with a file format standard. Is recommended the format exFAT, or FAT32. If you are going to use the memory with music devices or cameras, it is preferable to use the FAT32 format for the best compatibility.
      Do not expose to shock or pressure. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and excess moisture. The extreme conditions in ambient may cause loss of information. All the memories can be heated while being used, without causing any damage, but a heat source is high, it may damage the memory. From windows XP it is not necessary to eject the device before disconnecting it.

    • Flash memory
    • USB TTL serial RS232...

      Cables adapters USB TTL to Serial COM port UART for Arduino PRO MINI Leonardo

      There are several models available compatible with Arduino, with different chips, all with output UART cp2102 cp2104 PL2303 CH340 whose drivers are easy to download. All include support for up to windows vista, 7, windows 8 and successive.
      The wires of the chip card adapter USB-to-TTL serial UART to create a virtual COM port and interface comunicaciópn to UART TTL, offer a power output to 5V and 3v, and 3.3 V, with up to 500 mA of current, allowing feed to other devices and even charge batteries. The built-in fuse to protect the usb port from surges of consumption eleéctrico. It can be used to program our arduino pro mini and to connect cualrquier device with the same communication protocol. The primary function of the chip UART TTL to handle the interrupts of the devices connected to the serial port to convert the data to parallel format. This mode transmits the data to the system bus, in serial format, so that they can be transmitted through the ports and vice versa.
      UART comes from the English acronym for Universal Asynchronous Receiver-Transmitter / Receiver Transmitter Asynchronous Universal. Is used to control the ports and serial devices. A UART, dual, or DUART, combines two UARTs into a single chip. In the systems there is an electronic device responsible for generating the UART in each serial port. Most of the systems today use the chip 16550 UART, supports transfer rates up to 921,6 Kbps (Kilobits per second).

      Utility to change firmware and debrick hard disk or router debrick firmware, reset factory and Arduino

      The firmware on some hard drives Seagate (as the series Barracuda 7200.11 and the Momentus notebooks) have a defect that causes the disc to stop, and it stops to be detected system.
      To solve this problem there is a need to upgrade the frimware of your hard disk conectandolo by Serial port using the pins GND / TX / RX converters chipset CP2102 / CP2104 incorporate drivers For all the systems, plus they have the advantage that it automatically converts the signal level to 3.3 V with the working of hard disk WRT160NL

      The same procedure is used to debrick or change of firmware of the roter, DVD, satellite receiver, video game consoles, etc
      Table of connection cables in the PINS
      (PC) GND ↔ GND (Router, hard Disk)
      (PC) Rx ↔ Tx (Router, hard Disk)
      (PC) Tx ↔ Rx (Router, hard Disk)

      Adapter converter cable USB-to-UART cp210x

      Adapters, cables, and modules, converters Serial USB-to-TTL – UART (CP210x)
      are designed to work in applications with serial port between PC and microcontroller, Arduino, PIC, Bluetooth, GPS etc
      Converts any USB port into a serial port at TTL level with this handy adapter. Ideal to communicate with circuits on a provisional or definitive through a USB port, cp2102 and cp2104 are the chip Silabs more used to USB 2.0 module UART TTL 6 Pin converter series STC to replace the FT232.

      With a fuse that prevents accidental short-circuiting. System that protegeel the computer USB port and downloader.
      3 led: power on indicator, indicator, data reception, data transmission, and indicator of working status.
      Power output with dual system: 3.3 V / 5 V
      Cable pins for all kinds of designs.
      Output of reset signal, etc. directly to the Arduino ProMini.
      Operating systems driver download:
      Windows 98/me/2000/xp/7/8/8.1/10
      MAC OS-9
      Mac OS 10
      X-Windows CE
      Linux 2.40 or later

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