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MELON N828 CPE PoE 300mb WIFI AP router repeater outdoor


Free Shipping !! Silicon Shop of Melon WIFI, presents the CPE cheap Melon N828 Panel antenna directional 14dBi dual-polarization, which is the key feature to build the wireless or long distance. Powered by PoE wired LAN and WAN.

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MELON N828 CPE N801 The most powerful CPE outdoor 2.4 GHz directional antenna 14dBi for router repeater

Router CPE. the acronym CPE correspond to the English term Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), that is to say Local Computer of the Client, this is any terminal or equipment located on the customer side. WIFI with extreme range outdoor up to 3km of range.


Router CPE device with multiple applications.

Supports AP Client, Router, Client, Bridge, Repeater, AP, station and operation modes of the gateway to enable various wireless applications to give users an experience more dynamic and complete when using the AP. Especially in the AP Router mode Client for WISP CPE, the AP will behave as a client of the WISP (WISP). However, there are added functions of a router between the WAN side and wireless-side Ethernet LAN. Therefore, the WISP client, you can easily share the WISP connection.

Design weather-resistant, prepared to withstand the outdoors.

The N828 is designed to work in an outdoor environment. Constructed with housing with weather-resistant outdoor and high durable of temperature (-30 ° C ~ 70 ° C) hardware inside, the AP could work in a place with bad weather conditions extreme. In addition, it is resistant to sunlight and moisture, and prepared with anti-electric shock.

PoE nano station compatible for various uses.

The N828 is able to be powered using an Ethernet cable to simultaneously send data and electricity to wherever your AP may be located even up to 120m away. This feature multiplies your options allowing you to place the AP in a position that is most convenient for you to get the best signal possible, such as on the wall or on the ceiling of his office.

Long Distance outdoor, break the limitation of WiFi.

The N828 incorporates antennas with 14dBi dual-polarization, which is the key feature to build the wireless or long distance. With software ACK timeout adjustable by setting the distance between two access points, which allows you to adjust the timeout value up to 15 kilometres (9.3 mi) to the operation of long distance in the open air, or even 52 kilometers (32,3 miles) with a greater support of the antenna gain.

High Power WIFI and reception sensitivity

As a speaker increases the volume for your sound WIFI travel further the device features high power for higher speeds at further range for long-range applications giving your network the flexibility to go beyond. Signal degradation when traveling long distances is mitigated using high RX sensitivity meaning that you can get a higher speed at longer distances, like a headset of high sensitivity, which allows the AP to detect and receive weaker signals. These two aspects working together, ensure the signals can go further and achieve higher speeds at the same distance than normal.


What this product does?

The N828 high power 2.4 GHz CPE WIFI to outside, is dedicated to solutions wireless network long-distance. It integrates the functions of a client of a wireless access point, high gain antenna and the housing is weather resistant. Features 14dBi high gain antenna, high output power and high RX sensitivity can significantly extend the transmission range to deliver a more stable wireless connection. Complies with IEEE 802.11 b / g / n 300mbps. It serves to create a wireless network up to 300Mbps, which is ideal for browsing the Internet and exchanging files, playing games, or video.

A device CPE the meaning of which is Customer Premises Equipment is any end-user computer or Local Computer of the Client.
Equipment is a multipurpose that can be configured for any of several purposes, basically, it can function as a WIFI router that can connect to the internet and distribute it by cable, and vice versa.

Table of configurations of the CPE MELON 300MBs. Use as nanostatio, repeater, wifi, wi-fi --> rj45 cable. Bridge, gateway, station, WIFI AP etc

  • Modes of the Router
  • Gateway: Gateway: cable -- wifi ( built-in wifi transmitter)
  • Client mode: wi-fi -- cable (receiver wifi)
  • Repeater: wifi -- wifi Amplifier wifi
  • Modes of the WIFI Bridge
  • Access point AP station: cable -- wifi
  • Station mode: WIFI -- Cable ( receiver WIFI)
  • Repeater mode WIFI: WIFI --- WIFI / Cable

The repeater Mode WIFI PoE wifio station: is the system most sought after by users. This CPE poE nanostation outdoor water resistant, can be placed in a ventanan or roof to link by wifi to the internet with the router of the other house or premises. Once linked to the internet, transmitted both by cable as well as by a new wifi network to which you can put a new password. Is the mode WIFI ---> WIFI / Cable. Lets divide the internet between two or more houses with total stability. With this configuration, the CPE doubles the wifi interface by creating a network to link to the internet and another to issue as a point of access. If the CPE is placed on the roof or away from the area to cover is more effective to carry LAN cable rj45 to a wifi router that will make of access point.

The adapter plug electric is used for connecting a rj45 cable that takes you up to the WAN port of the CPE to feed it electrically and make it work, so that this device PoE active, you can work with a cable up to 120 meters, allowing to install it in any location. In addition, once the CPE is connected to the internet, the output LAN power adapter can be connected to a computer or to another router to distribute the internet.


MELON N828 The most powerful CPE outdoor 2.4 GHz directional antenna 14dBi

The manufacturer MELON presents its new CPE high-performance that works in the 2.4 GHz band. With this professional device we now have the complete solution for creating long distance links for WiFi 2.4 GHz.

Advanced Hardware Ralink SDK Linux

This new CPE model N828 includes a processor Ralink SDK Linux 600MHz. Moreover, it incorporates 4MB of FLASH memory to load the firmware and 32MB of RAM for the firmware and the device processor powerful.

Long range WIFI

The maximum speed reached 300Mbps with WiFi technology N MIMO 2T2R. THE CPE n828 installed a antenna dual-directional with a gain of 14dBi high sensitivity allowing for stable links.

The sensitivity of reception is 150M:-74dBm blk 54mm:-79dBm 6M:-94dBm

Inputs and outputs LAN and WAN:

The Fast Ethernet port for LAN features support PPPoE and PoE (Power over Ethernet) input and output, to be able to feed the device through RJ45 cable. The CP outside can be powered by PoE Passthrough devices with PoE support.

THE CPE Melon N828 allows several modes of operation, novel modes access Point, AP WIFI, WIFI client, repeater, WIFI repeater, router, LAN Access.

MELON N828 300mbps is a CPE high power outdoor wireless made to work long distance with WIFI and LAN. It integrates the functions of wireless access point, client and high gain antenna 14dBi.

Prepared for the weather with high gain antenna, high output power and high receive sensitivity, which allows you to extend the transmission range of the internet. Allows wireless networks of up to 300 Mbps, which is ideal for browsing the internet and exchange files, or video at high speed.

Design suitable for the open-air can work to the exterior housing weather-resistant high-durability by protecting the hardware of temperatures and humidity.

MELON N828 features high power for speeds long-range applications giving your network the flexibility to go beyond that, in addition, N828 allows you can get a higher speed at greater distance, as a CPE to receive and transmit the weak signals. With antenna 14dBi BUilt-in 2.4 GHz MIMO antenna, which is the key to build a WIFI long distance.


Multiple uses:

Supports station mode, Station mode, Bridge Client, Client Router, Wireless repeater Bridge, repeater, Router, Cable Router, bridge AP, AP mode, giving the user an experience more dynamic and complete when using the CPE, the transfer cable to the wireless technology, wireless, wireless, wireless Internet, and so on.

Supports power active PoE for deployment more flexible

N828 is able to be powered using an Ethernet cable up to 120m with PoE active, to send data simultaneously, allowing you to place the CPE in a location that is most convenient to get the best signal possible.

Technical specifications MELON N828 version N801 than 300MB:

Processor Ralink SDK Linux SDRAM 32MB Flash 4MB

Frequency WIFI 2.4 GHz 300Mbps

Ports: WAN * 1 / LAN * 1 / Reset * 1 / Power supply POE 18V / LED Light

Power / Power electric: WAN / LAN

LED indicator lights.

WIFI standard IEEE 802.11b / g / n Frequency 2.4 GHz working Channel 1 ~ 13

Sensitivity 150M: -74dBm / blk 54mm: -79dBm / 6M: -94dBm

WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK security WPA / WPA / WPA2,64 / 128/152 bit WEP encryption

Configuration multiple SSID auto channel bandwidth automated data Flow single Built-in Antenna 2.4 GHz MIMO

Package includes:

CPE * 1 RJ45 network cable * 1 POE ac power adapter * 1 Manual * 1 metal braces * anchors and screws



WiFi AmplifierExterior
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    H. Clavel 01/04/2017

    Repite WIFI

    Louso para compartir el WIFI de un vecion gratis, lo configuré en modo repetidor y la antena panel coje internet y lo repite por cable LAN y además crea una neuva red WIFI. lo recomiento

    • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.
    C. Mardoni 12/04/2016

    CPE para exterior

    Este CPE es un router que puede configurarse tanto como receptor WiFi como punto de acceso AP emisor cliente WIFI. La antena panel es impermeable. Bien fabricado.

    • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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    MELON N828 CPE PoE 300mb WIFI AP router repeater outdoor

    MELON N828 CPE PoE 300mb WIFI AP router repeater outdoor

    Free Shipping !! Silicon Shop of Melon WIFI, presents the CPE cheap Melon N828 Panel antenna directional 14dBi dual-polarization, which is the key feature to build the wireless or long distance. Powered by PoE wired LAN and WAN.

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