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    • LMR400 cable

      LMR-400 coaxial cable is a high performance, low loss cable recommended for a wide variety of applications that require an easy to install, low loss RF cable.

      LMR400 cable for LoRa and Wi-Fi

      Advantages offered by the LMR-400 cable

           Greater ease and speed of installation.
           It allows the Helium LoRa antennas to be extended several meters to reach rooftops
           Better shielding and lower loss compared to other RG type cables.

      Ideal for:

           Short LoRa and LoRaWAN cable installations
           Jumpers for communication systems.
           Any application such as: radio communication systems, GPS, WiMax, Satellite, RF ID, DAS Systems, MELIUM hOTSPOT, LoRaWAN

      Technical specifications

           Impedance: 50 Ohm.
           Attenuation in 0.05 dBi / METER at 150 MHz.
           Attenuation in 0.09 dBi / METER at 868 MHz.
           Shielding Effectiveness: greater than 90 dB
           Speed Factor: 85%.
           Nominal Power: 0.83 kW at 450 MHz.

    • Lora 868 antenna

      The distance range of a LoRa antenna depends on the gain measured in dBi

      The characteristics of LoRa antennas are their long range of 15 to 20 kilometers, which allows them to connect to thousands of Hotspots and because they are low-consumption, their batteries last more than 10 years. Applications for LoRa wireless technology include smart meters, inventory tracking, vending machines, data and monitoring, automotive, and applications that need data monitoring and reporting.

      A frequent use of LoRa antennas are Helium hotspots and HNT miners.

      Depending on the gain, they can be antennas of 3dBi - 5 dBi - 6 dBi - 6.5 dbi - 8dBi and up to 12 dBi

      The more gain measured in dbi, the more range in distance measured in meters or kilometers.

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    Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items