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  • LED flashlight Powerful

    The new LED flashlights are extremely powerful, its white light, and finished in metal, are already common for fans to lanterns,
    These tools are commonly used in different uses, among them sports, bike, hunting, fishing, surveillance, etc., The LED technology of high efficiency has improved dramatically the ability of the lanterns of enlightenment. The life high of the LED emitter and the low power consumption allows a LED flashlight relatively compact and economic to duplicate the light output of a car.

    To make us to the idea, a flashlight traditional incandescent does not reach the 19 lumens, while the LED flashlights Powerful usually run almost 1000 lumens, and in the case of employing multiple LED powerful, it is not difficult to achieve a 4000 lumens and multiply by 200 the power of a flashlight traditional incandescent.

    Its main features are the high efficiency, life high and low consumption; but in the case of the flashlights SILICON's ONLINE STORE are in addition to these features the power, use LED high-power with the system to CREATE. Thanks to this technology we can forget about light bulbs, have greater autonomy and greater power of illumination.

    Small circuit that regulates the intensity that receives the LED, which serves to provide different modes with different power levels, flash, SOS in morse, features of beacon...

    We have since LED flashlights that can use batteries to some that use lithium batteries, in this last case they usually have a voltage of 3.7 V
    18650: 18mm wide and 65mm long, 0 end indicates that it is cylindrical.The most common are: 10440 format (AAA battery), 16340, 14500 format (AA battery), 18650, and 26650. The main advantage of lithium batteries is that they provide a higher voltage and rate of intensity higher than a stack of conventional.

    Allows you to the change mode, you can press on the screen at the top and go directly to turbo mode or if you click on the bottom part of the low mode. We can also drag your finger across the screen and watch as it rises in intensity as you climb the finger. It has 6 power levels.


  • Flashlights head

    Headlamps LED, powerful and rechargeable for athletes, runners and bicycles.

    A headlamp is the must-have tool for athletes that take advantage of the night as a new field of play. For runners, walkers and cyclists who want to train at night with the same performance as they do for the day.

    Headlights of head designed for sports that require the hands-free: runners, paddlers, campers, spelunkers...

    There are different models of front LED powerful for all sports. The Visual Comfort and the quality of vision that provided the headlamps are dependent on the amplitude of the light beam and on all of the lighting power or lumen output. In addition, a rechargeable battery is the best choice for daily use.

    1 - Front-runners, bicycle, roller-skates and training: it Is preferable for an output power of long-range more than 300 lumens to light up far away. The elite athletes use flashlights 1000 lumens as the IMALENT HR20 front.

    2 - Front, hunting or fishing: Are flashlights head of moderate power between 100 and 300 Lumens. What is important is that the beam width to illuminate properly all around the user.

    3-Front with red lights and an intermittent mode are very useful for athletes who want to see without dazzling your around and also be more visible to indicate the presence of athletes on the road. A good example is the Front flashlight UltraFire LED W03-S battery-rechargeable by USB and the white light / red flashing.

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    IMALENT is a new manufacturer of flashlights with more innovations. The brand is centered on a touch-screen interface only sensitive to the pressure (output adjustable ). Has recently introduced a new control system with mini-computer built in, as the DDT40. IMALENT definitely innovates in terms of interface. All models IMALENT are a solid and compact multi-emitter light, with a lot of new features. IMALENT was a pioneer in the professional models, including a remote control interface and touch screen. IMALENT is a international distribution of outdoor lighting products and LED flashlight. The line IMALENT is currently composed of three categories of lighting products. Series touch-screen display intelligent microcomputer series, screen series, Dimmer. The focus of our product offerings is to show features that take advantage of the cutting-edge technology, a philosophy that has resulted in IMALENT establishing a point of the growing support in the international market. The concepts of innovative design, along with the characteristics of superior performance of models of the LED flashlight are the result of that IMALENT has the best R & D team who also possess a background of outdoor experience. Our team members not only also explored in the difficult time, in the dark of the night using the products that they design and build. When you grab a flashlight IMALENT, the first thing that you notice is the quality finish that our experts achieve. Because no product leaves our plant until it complies with these standards, are often the preferred choice of professionals engaged in activities unrelenting as rock climbing, Search and Rescue, rescue from the avalanche, law Enforcement, Military and outdoor pursuits where your light cannot fail. This also makes the line IMALENT is worthy of consideration by discerning consumers who want the best for either their own recreation or simply for giving as a gift that will never be forgotten. When it comes to penetrating the darkness, IMALENT is dedicated to making your life more comfortable listening to their needs, and doing everything possible to address them.

    Shop Flashlights Powerful Rechargeable. LED XML CREE

    • DDT40: Lantern 4 light bulbs front 4000LM - 5180 lumens total) - remote Control distance of 10 meters - Round outdoor lighting - lighting of scene.
    • EU06 2015VERSION: 1190lumens - Round outdoor lighting - strobe snapshot - remote Control.
    • EMT16: First torch smartphone with touch screen and remote control in the industry of touch-screen - LCD flashlight + laser sight + intelligent remote controller. Professional designed for military, police, hunting and explorer - light - Hunting- regulation variable controlled
    • SA04: 930lumens - RGB flashlight LED flashlight color temperature - Variable or flashlight double color temperature Flashlight for photographers - Multi color - Brightness adjustable.
    • DD2R: 1065 lumens - LED flashlight the world's first LCD touchscreen - screen touch control - rechargeable flashlight - tactical Flashlight powerful
    • DD4R: 3800 lumens - Range of up to 450meters - LCD flashlight-touch screen - adjustable brightness - Flashlight-four pockets - Flashlight cinematography
  • Batteries Cylindrical

    The batteries for rechargeable flashlights have different sizes. 18650, 14500, 26650 etc, each one is different for each model of LED flashlight and offers different advantages or disadvantages, that you must keep in mind when buying. In Silicon Online we have all the various options in our wide range of batteries of rechargeable flashlights pair brands Imalent, Acebeam, Ultrafire and TrustFire.

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