LED flashlight Powerful

The new LED flashlights are extremely powerful, its white light, and finished in metal, are already common for fans to lanterns,
These tools are commonly used in different uses, among them sports, bike, hunting, fishing, surveillance, etc., The LED technology of high efficiency has improved dramatically the ability of the lanterns of enlightenment. The life high of the LED emitter and the low power consumption allows a LED flashlight relatively compact and economic to duplicate the light output of a car.

To make us to the idea, a flashlight traditional incandescent does not reach the 19 lumens, while the LED flashlights Powerful usually run almost 1000 lumens, and in the case of employing multiple LED powerful, it is not difficult to achieve a 4000 lumens and multiply by 200 the power of a flashlight traditional incandescent.

Its main features are the high efficiency, life high and low consumption; but in the case of the flashlights SILICON's ONLINE STORE are in addition to these features the power, use LED high-power with the system to CREATE. Thanks to this technology we can forget about light bulbs, have greater autonomy and greater power of illumination.

Small circuit that regulates the intensity that receives the LED, which serves to provide different modes with different power levels, flash, SOS in morse, features of beacon...

We have since LED flashlights that can use batteries to some that use lithium batteries, in this last case they usually have a voltage of 3.7 V
18650: 18mm wide and 65mm long, 0 end indicates that it is cylindrical.The most common are: 10440 format (AAA battery), 16340, 14500 format (AA battery), 18650, and 26650. The main advantage of lithium batteries is that they provide a higher voltage and rate of intensity higher than a stack of conventional.

Allows you to the change mode, you can press on the screen at the top and go directly to turbo mode or if you click on the bottom part of the low mode. We can also drag your finger across the screen and watch as it rises in intensity as you climb the finger. It has 6 power levels.



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    LED flashlights high power Laser rechargeable with charger built inside

    New Silicon Electronic Store - IMALENT TRUSTFIRE ULTRAFIRE CREE

    Models powerful Flashlight LED rechargeable are designed so that the user is never left without light.
    Have a power outlet to charge the battery without having a charger or take out the batteries.
    This charging system saves weight and space.
    IMALENT DD4R torch and DD2R flashlight are the best models available in the market with this embedded system.

    The DD4R features in the presentation box, the charging adaptor. The DD2R comes with charger type a USB for power charge with any mobile charger or USB output on our laptop.
    In the interior of the lantern must install the battery protected Trustfire Ultrafire Li-ion 18650 / 14500 once installed will last for years without the need to get them out.

    Each model of flashlight allow you to incorporate several types of batteries and rechargeable batteries at the user's choice. You can use the batteries that are already available or acquire them by making the order in the section Batteries Lithium.

    For daily use, these flashlights FlashLight feature with a switch on the back to turn on and turn off the flashlight.
    To change the mode so just go by pressing on the touch-screen front with the yolk of the finger. The screen is similar to that of a mobile phone.
    The mode Strobe or signal of alarm works by pressing on the bottom of the touch screen (ON/OFF).

    In the rear of the flashlight the push button facilitates quick ignition and hold about three seconds, turns on and 5 off.
    It is a way to prevent turned on accidentally. If we want to we can leave it on stand-by to allow a quick start and instantly, you can release the button and hold for 3 seconds and it will be the touch screen lit up with the
    image [ON/OFF] when you press turn on instantly in the last mode that we used.
    It also has the SOS function, and beacon, for signalling of an emergency.

    Rechargeable Imalent incorporated in the interior of this recharge system automatic in addition to the touch screen.

  • Tactical Flashlight...

    The Tactical Flashlight law enforcement flashlight powerful LED designed with a grip ideal to use for defense, police, surveillance, etc, Many police forces use and recommend flashlights tactical professional Brands IMALENT OLIGHT and Acebeam. These brands offer the Flashlight tactics ideal for military, police, security, adventure and emergency use. As the new model K30 of Acebeam that offers a burst of incredible light with the size of a standard soft drink can. The interface tested of a single button provides intuitive operation with a single hand, with instant access to all the main functions, even from the "off"position.

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