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Kit WiFi antenna up to 5km with 2 parabolicas 24dbi + bridge + POE


Kit point to point 5km Alfa Network: With 2 antenna sprofesionales 24dbi WiFi parabolic

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Complete Kit for the WiFI connection to long distance. - Easy setup and very powerful.

The system of WiFi bridge SILICON long range is the best way to connect two buildings to the same network wirelessly up to 5 miles away. This system is very easy to set up.

The kit carries everything included to install two antennas equal to one on each side, so that one works as transmitter and the other as a receiver. It is as easy as installing a to a router by ethernet cable and starts broadcasting while the other on the other side, up to 5km will receive a WiFI connection in order to transmit it directly to a PC or to another router as a repeater.

The trababjo what makes the bridge model Alfa Tube2h that connects to the dish AGA2424T that is placed in the wall or roof. The connection cables are also included in the kit. Simply connect the antennas to each side of the bridge, at each location, and connect them with the bridge Tube2h with the coaxial cable to the included antenna.

In this kit are used for WiFi larger that exist in the market, each measuring 1 meter long, and are a grid to withstand the wind. Antennas are 2.4 gz which is the rate that most distance supports. The antennas AGA2424T are for point to point connections for longer distances.

*** Important note: it Is mandatory to have a direct line of sight between the two antennas. Without buildings, or walls, with no obstructions between both antennas for best reception. The LED lights in each bridge device to facilitate the alignment of their antennas.

Mandatory requirements:
- Requires line of sight between two points (no obstructions, not even a tree or wall small)
- Must be at a distance of 5 km maximum
- The antenna must be mounted on the outside to approximately the height of the ceiling in each location
- Must have a DSL router, or other Internet service on the side issuer
- If you are not sure of the needs of your system, contact us by Email, phone or Whatsapp with the store SILICON and a specialist will recommend the most suitable equipment for each case.

- These kits can be extended with Ethernet cable to Rj45 up to 60 meters, (In the case only a 1m cable for installation, if you need more cable you can buy separately)

The antennas Alfa Network Alfa GriD 24dBi, are antennas WIFI professional with a great quality. Always at a price pretty cheap, and high power. This antenna grid is designed for the 2.4 GHz frequency giving excellent performance within a standard WiFi iEEE 802.11 b/g and so get the maximum distance it can reach the WiFi antenna now
High performance
Light weight
Resistant to conditions external
Lightning protection
includes support for mast
Works in the frequency 2.4 GHz and 2.483 GHz
Follows the standards of IEEE 802.11 b, 802.11 g, 802.11 n wireless LAN
Directional and multipoint
Works as Access Point or as a WiFi client

You will need to connect the first half of the WiFi bridge, using the Ethernet cable to a LAN port vacuum on your router. The wireless bridge then makes the Internet signal encrypted is passed on to your second location, wirelessly. The second half of the system ends with an Ethernet cable that provides Internet connectivity and network to a computer or other device, such as a router or repeater, WiFi. You will need the electric power supplied by a 220v plug in both locations to feed the bridge.

The signal between the two points of the system WiFi Bridge is strongly encrypted for greater security. The cost of the system WiFi Bridge is a fraction of proprietary systems more expensive. Provides up to 150 Mbps of throughput, which is faster than most download speeds of the Internet service provider. (depending on the environment the speed can range from 30 Mbps minimum and 150Mbps maximum.

kit antena de - 5km a 10 km

This Kit can be used at greater distances up to 10 Km, but the speed may fall below 30Mbps depending on the environmental conditions and interference.

Can be used up to 60 meters of cable, Cat-5e or Cat-6 Ethernet low-cost (not included) to mount the antenna further away at the top of a tree or tower.

Important SILICEOUS recommends the following antennas with the system bridge, long range WiFi, WiFi antenna point to point WiFi antenna 2.4 GHz outdoor 24dBi. It is possible to use antennas of other type or of less dBi, but the maximum distance would be much lower

This kit is designed to connect to a router configured using the protocol dynamic host configuration (DHCP), which is the factory setting standard of most of the router. It also requires a connection to the Internet.

The kit WiFi 5 includes:

2 parabolic Antennas AGA2424T 24dbi garantazidos

2 Bridge WiFi bridge TUBE2H
2 feeders POE with plug 220V
2 Ethernet Cable 1m


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    Karl 09/03/2018

    Un Kit muy práctico

    Es fácil de montar, pero para conseguir distancias muy largas de 10km o más hay que ponerlos a 20 metros de altura, en tejados o torres...

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      Kit WiFi antenna up to 5km with 2 parabolicas 24dbi + bridge + POE

      Kit WiFi antenna up to 5km with 2 parabolicas 24dbi + bridge + POE

      Kit point to point 5km Alfa Network: With 2 antenna sprofesionales 24dbi WiFi parabolic

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