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    SILICEO OPENWRT 300MB USB ROUTER is MT7620N chipset based OPEN-WRT wireless router, the high quality flat painting metal case / housing it looks very high-grade and the wall-mounted design make it very easy mount on the wall, car, truck, boat etc. it combines wired / wireless routers and switch functions in one, complies with IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard.

    The OpenWrt is described as a Linux distribution for embedded devices. Instead of trying to create a single, static firmware, OpenWrt provides a fully writable file system with package management. This frees you from the application selection and configuration provided by the vendor and allows you to customize the device through the use of packages to suit any application. For developer, OpenWrt is the framework to build an application without having to build a complete firmware around it; for users this means the ability for full customization, to use the device in ways never envisioned

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    The installation and use of routers, repeaters, WIFI is becoming more and more common. For our wifi router is able to distribute correctly the signal throughout our house you can install multiple repeaters WIFI. The first thing we need to do is place in a central location of the house the main router to make the distribution of wi is uniform in all directions. But many times this is not possible, for this reason, the repeaters WIFI SILICEO ONLINE STORE tend to repeat our wifi to other rooms of the house. These equipment allows you to strengthen the wifi signal support several modes of operation. It can work as wifi client, universal repeater WDS or as a bridge, both point to point and point to multipoint. It is the ideal solution for extending wifi coverage. It is not necessary additional software on your computer. Through the browser you can see all the Wifi points nearby, to adjust distances (Power) and perform the connection to the same.

    How they work the repeaters: The repeater wireless mode-universal repeater to boost the wireless signal of your router, regardless of whether we use a network with access points or bridges client. Place the repeater close to the limit of the signal of the wireless router or far more if you're adding to your range with a bridge client, and will raise the original signal and transmit it outward from its location, extending the signal range of the router.
    This can double the range of the router in the direction where you place the repeater.

    Tutorial for connecting a smart tv or Smart TV to the internet

    The tips in this guide work with all brands and models of Smart TV with WiFi, USB port or RJ45 cable. The router and repeater wifi to tv work for SONY, Samsung, LG and Panasonic, Philips and all other brands of television. Connect a modern tv and the Smart TV to the internet can be very useful to see programs as cast, YouTube videos, check your Facebook, use video conferencing with Skype and a lot of utilities. Thanks to a connection WIFI or cable, your TV will be really smart.

    Connection of TV to the internet by RJ45 cable or by WIFI.

    If we are at home with a router which distributes the internet, we have the two options to connect the TV by cable or by WIFI. The cable connection is done with a network cable RJ45 Ethernet or LAN. Are the cables expensive, and there are of all measures. Connect the tv to the router directly with a cable is the easiest way and safe, but sometimes it is not possible for the distance, the walls, or because we do not want to install unsightly cables. Then the best option is through WIFI. Some TVS have built-in wifi antenna from the factory, and it is sufficient to configure the connection. But if you don't have wifi, or does not reach the distance, sometimes you can buy a USB adapter and connect it through the USB input of the tv. The problem is that in most brands is only compatible with the model of the same make as the tv. If for example the tv manufacturer recommends a wifi adapter of chip RT3070 it will be sufficient to buy a wifi antenna with that model of chip and it will work, but normally the TV are not compatible with the adapters USB wifi standard, which are sold for computers.

    Connect to the internet with a smart tv by WIFI with a router client.

    If we decide to connect the TV via wifi and there is a RJ45 connector for cable on the tv itself, the best option is always to install a mini roputer repeater next to the TV. These router repeater wifi have the option client mode. The mini router is installed behind the TV, this way the router repeater connect to the internet by WI-fi client mode, and transmits it to the TV by a short cable RJ45 LAN. So we will get a stable connection and safe without long cables. There are two types of router client for tv. That connect to a wall socket with connector US plug, and the mini wifi router portable that connect by USB. These are even more practical because you can feed one of the USB connections of the tv. All models of router client this section of SILICEO WIFI can establish a connection to the internet stable of any brand of TV


    This is the shop in Spain of products MiktoTik

    The factory of MikroTik is located in the baltic country of LATVIA. Is a mortician ajoven innovative and develop the best WiFi router for WISP and ISP. Mikrotik is the brand of WiFi antennas and access Points that are installed in the factories and in the companies. The manufacturer, MikroTik is now sold in Spain to allow to install the best hardware, and professional software to WiFi networks for Internet connectivity in businesses and store smás large.

    You can contact with SILICEOUS ONLINE STORE and request for a quotation of all the products Mikrotik for your company.

  • Ubiquiti Networks

    Official Distributor Ubiquiti Spain

    The brand Ubiquiti peretenece to the company EE.USA Ubiquiti Networks, Inc., maker ey provider of technology for the creation of wireless networks and Wi-fi. Ubiquiti is mainly dedicated to the production and development of hardware for wireless networks.

    The specialty of Ubiquiti is the communication to long distances, and the development of systems to create Wi-fi networks. Stands out for innovation and high performance at low cost.

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