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    • GPS antenna cable SMA...

      GPS antennas to improve the coverage of the GPS car, truck, caravan, motorhome, off-road, motorcycle, boat etc


      Antennas universal paraGPS + cable 3 meters 5 meters with SMA connectors / MMX / MMCX
      Antennae with signal booster antenna by outer pair, antenna impermebilizadas with magnetic mount for metal roof
      male pin female to SMA / MMX / MMCX
      Standard system UNIVERSAL for all GPS

      In order to receive an optimal signal of your GPS, in difficult places like forests, mountains, or inside of vehicles and in places where it is necessary to increase the coverage. Excellent signal reception in all the places and routes.


    • GPS navigator

      Devices, GPS Data-Logger data logger-Photo-tagger and a Geo-Tagger

      Devices, GPS Data-Logger recorded the routes taken, so-called trails or track, which can later be downloaded by cable to a computer.
      Once downloaded it is simple to view them through any mapping program like Google Earth, laptop, tablet or PC allowing you to save the routes and modify them.
      THE GPS records the location coordinates of the device that is carried by people, cars, bikes, vehicles, boats, drones, aircraft, etc

      The dispòsitivos GPS datalogger or Data Logger GPS SILICON STORE, work with great speed and precision thanks to its SiRF Star III chipset, and Start IV.
      Another application of the GPS logger of positions and paths is the geolocation of photos, Photo Tagger, as well as the implementation of monitoring and control of adults, children, pets, etc
      THE GPS Data Logger has reduced dimensions to allow you to carry it comfortably in any space of the vehicle.

      The more advanced devices, such as the DG-200 lead battery lithium incorporated allowing for a range of use with total performance.
      The tracks, routes and trips saved are downloaded by USB cable, and archived as a TACK allowing the visualization of logs of GPS coordinates.
      All browsers GPS with NMEA-0183 protocol are compatible with each other as GLOBALSAT, GARMIN, TOMTOM, Navman, Route66, SyGic Aura etc

      It is becoming more frequent the tagging of photos for uploading to social networks such as Facebook or Pinterest. Thanks to the system of Geo-Tagger or tagged with corrdenadas GPS for photos or files, the users can geotag all your snapshots before you share them.
      The GPS units data loggers are able to able to save in MAP mode thousands of positions of the routes taken in moments of leisure or work, allowing to save those positions by distance, or by time.
      This facilitates tracking of any vehicle or device to follow by land, air or sea. The use of GPS Data Logger in scientific research is very common. likewise, in research legaleso is very required by the research professionals such as journalists, lawyers, detectives etc

    • GPS sport watch
    • GPS antenna USB

      How to navigate with GPS on a laptop, Tablet or Netbook computer with any operating system Windows Linux MAC and Android.

      If you are looking for is to add a GPS to your laptop , it is necessary to have a GPS receiver physically connected to your PC either via bluetooth or directly connected USB or micro-USB.
      The system by USB is the most practical and economic, in addition there are many free programs of management of GPS that you can use.

      Silicon Electronic Store has the GPS antenna to tablet by USB

      Google Maps With GPS Tracker lets you use your GPS receiver with the same accuracy as the GPS portable.
      You'll have the benefits of the GPS with Google Maps in the traditional way, by setting origin and destination points and calculating the possible routes. Roadnav is another free app, compatible with the vast majority of signal receivers.
      You will have virtually the same features that a GPS Sygic Aura TomTom or Garmin, simulation of the driver's eye view, 3D maps, mode of night operation...

      If you want to geolocate your laptop or desktop computer, or directly you have a GPS signal receiver that you want to use in your next vacation trip.
      All the guides and installation manuals and opinions coincidenen recommend the USB GPS from Globalsat and Silicon. For its ease of installation and high performance.
      If you want to navigate your boat, yacht or boat, you can carry all the maps on your computer porátil or tablet and navigate with a anterna GPS via USB, your routes will be saved in the files.

      As a novelty this year it appears the Globalsat ND-105C which is of size still more reduced and the connection micro-USB for install in Android tablets and smartphones. With Chip MEdiatek MTK GPS, reached even more quickly and accurately.

      Convert your laptop or tablet in a GPS navigator with GPS antenna for Android tablet!

      These receivers USB GPS receiver dongle or adapter for computers is a GPS receiver compact and accurate with low power consumption that plugs into the USB port of your laptop.
      They are suitable for all applications of a GPS receiver to traditional, including planning your trip before you head out or finding your location while you are camping.
      The GPS receiver is feeding energy to the device to which it is connected, so there are no batteries or additional cables that lock you in.

      All you need is:
      (1) A Receiver dongle USB GPS Adapter Silicon Electronic Store
      (2) A PC computer, Laptop, Tablet, SmartPhone or Netbook with maps
      (4) A destination. After installing the receiver and the necessary software, you can find your location right on your laptop screen.

    Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
    Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
    GPS Navigator

    The acronym GPS will correspond with the "Global Positioning System" which means Global Positioning System, the term GPS has become popular, and now designates a product in the commercial world. The GPS allows you to determine worldwide the position with an accuracy up to centimeters.
    The system was developed, installed, and used by priemera tim...

    The acronym GPS will correspond with the "Global Positioning System" which means Global Positioning System, the term GPS has become popular, and now designates a product in the commercial world. The GPS allows you to determine worldwide the position with an accuracy up to centimeters.
    The system was developed, installed, and used by priemera time in the system of Defense of the united States. The GPS system comprises 24 satellites and uses triangulation to determine throughout the globe the position. To secure a position, the GPS navigator needs to locate at least 4 satellites in the network, which receives a signal indicating the position and precise time of each satellite. The GPS navigator synchronizes its clock and calculates the delay of the signals (which is given by the distance of the satellite), calculating the position in which it is situated.

    GPS receivers with direct connection to the USB port are indicated to be used with a laptop computer or a tablet PC . Work With Windows, Android, Linux, or MAC. The power is through the USB connection and do not need additional cables. Are GPS antennas with a USB interface integrated. Fully compatible with Maps, Sygic, CompeGPS, Fugawi, Oziexplorer and other programs that support data and GPS data under the NMEA 0183 protocol.
    In the inner work the prestigious chipset SiRF III and SIRF IV that ensure an extraordinary sensitivity in difficult conditions, such as streets between the buildings, deep canyons or under trees dense.
    The receiver has an LED to indicate the status. LED lit: Indicates that it is searching for satellites. LED flashing-Indicates that you are positioned


    Terrestrial navigation (and pedestrian), sea and air, car.
    Mobile phones,Topography and geodesy.
    Construction (Leveling of land, cutting of slopes, laying of pipes, etc.).
    Location agricultural (precision farming), livestock, and wildlife.
    Salvage and rescue. Mountaineering, hiking, Sports, camping and leisure.
    For localization of sick, disabled and minors.
    Scientific applications. Archaeology. Geocaching. For tracking and recovery of vehicles.
    Sport sailing. Maritime navigation. Boat. Aerial sports: paragliding, delta wing, gliders, etc
    Systems of management and safety of fleets.