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  • Balance scale kitchen

    Scales and balances for kitchen. To control your diteta easily and effectively. make all the recipes with the exact weight. Digital scales that weigh in kilograms and multiple metric units. Find the volume of the milk and water automatically. Now you can track your daily weight with bathroom scales bamboo wood. we also have bathroom scales foldable to carry them to all parts. Scales of precision of jewelry. Brands such as PRITECH and SILICON with two years of warranty.

    SILICEA ONLINE STORE has the best catalog of scales of work and for the home, dynamometers, precision, and scale of warehouse, trade, etc.. All products are in stock ready for shipment. Shipping Free available. Express shipping 24h. for the whole of Spain and Portugal.

  • Tilts the...

    Dynamometers Digital SILICON for heavy vertical are the best option for heavy professionals.
    Our Dynamometers digital are robust and built of steel, equipped with a hook for grasping the object, and even in the air.
    In SILICEA ONLINE SHOP has a dyno from the more basic and economic, to the most hard and rugged to weigh with precision.

    The dynamometer is an instrument used for measuring forces or for weighing objects.
    The dynamometer traditional, invented by Isaac Newton, based their operation in the stretch of a spring that follows the law of elasticity Hooke in the range of measurement.
    These instruments consist of a pier, usually contained in a cylinder which in turn can be introduced into another cylinder. The device has two hooks or rings, one at each end.
    When you hang weights or to exert a force on the hook outside the cursor that endpoint moves on the outside scale, indicating the value of the force with a digital system translates to Kilograms.

  • Swings bathroom

    Scales with maximum accuracy and manufactured by the best companies in electronic products for the home.

    Place your order and calculate the postage cheaper depending on weight and size of the parcel, you can completely control the spending of your order and do it through a payment gateway is completely safe and effective.

  • Scale precision digital

    Find the best scale-of-pocket

    If you were looking for a scale precision digital you can take in your pocket, you have several models in Silicon Electronics Store, an online store that takes a lot of time providing electronic products of high quality and leaving the bar very high for all those discriminating buyers who wish to have excellent products at very affordable prices.

    Now you can have a scale excellent system of auto power off, advanced function and automatic calibration, using the best digital display.

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