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    Drivers for devices BOUGHT ON - SILICEO STORE ® - WWW.SILICEO.ES

    Driver BLUEWAY BT-N9500 N-9200 N9800 driver download antenna USB WIFI 2000mW 18dbi with chip RT3070:

    RALINK MEDIATEK RT3070 DRIVER + LAN UTILITY: USB (RT2870/ RT2770/ RT307X/ RT2070 RT357X/ RT3370/ RT8070/ RT5X7X/ MT7610/ MT7601/MT7612U)
    8/13/2014 2K/XP: View: Win7: Win8: Windows XP 32/64 Vista 32/64 Win7 32/64 Win8 32/64 Win8.1 32/64

    36dbi antena Panel WIFI 2000mw USB 10m cable 2W MELON N810 beiniUSB WIFI N 2W antena 18dBi Blueway 150mbps BT-N9500 RT3070Adaptador WIFI USB MT7601 chip mediatek mini antena portatilReceptor WIFI USB MT7601 chip mediatek mini antena para portatil

    Driver Ralink Mediatek WIFI antennas USB RT3070 Download from official Page Mediatek: RT3070 RT307X

    Driver for Antenna MELON WIFISKY N4000 N89 N810 36DBI Panel directional 10 m meters USB cable 5m with chip RT3070:

    RALINK MEDIATEK RT3070 DRIVER + LAN UTILITY: USB (RT2870/ RT2770/ RT307X/ RT2070 RT357X/ RT3370/ RT8070/ RT5X7X/ MT7610/ MT7601/MT7612U)
    8/13/2014 2K/XP: View: Win7: Win8: Windows XP 32/64 Vista 32/64 Win7 32/64 Win8 32/64 Win8.1 32/64 LINUX AND MAC

    Program for repeater WIFI AP from windows included. This sofwtware with drivers for WIFI antenna USB RT3070 & RT3072 includes SOFT-AP program to configure the WIFI antennas as a point of Accseso WIFI, and repeat the internet from any Windows computer connected to the internet. It works with Windows 7 and above.

    Install Driver of Anten Alfa AWUS036H into Windows 8 and Windows 10.

    The driver for chip Realtek RTL8187L is compatible with Windows 7, for this reason to operate the AWUS036H on Windows 10 it is necessary to install the driver for Windows 7 Realtek RTL818 and do the installation in compatibility mode for Windows 7. In this way the famous antenna Alfa 036h work sim problems on both Windows 8 and windows 10.- Download the Driver for the RTL8187l from the official website of Realtek in this link

    Driver RTL8187L for Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10 WIN10

    Alfa AWUS036H v5 1W RTL8187L USB Antenna...

    Alfa AWUS036H v5 1W RTL8187L USB Antena WIFI AWUSO36H

    Download Driver Ralink RT3070 RT5270 RT5370 MT7601 with SOFTware repeater WIFI AP WINDOWS

    Chipset RT3070 available for the antennas: Blueway USB wifi antenna BT-N9500, Widemac WM-9005, B-LINK 150 BL-LW05-A, EDUP EP-N8535, MELON N89, MELON 3000MW N3000 11DBi, GREENCITY W12, 36DBI USB 10m MELON N4000, Alfa AWUS036NH, Comfast, TP-Link RT3070, ALFA NETWORK, ......


    USB serie modulo RS232 UART TTL Cable puerto COM chip CP2102Download Driver converter Cable USB TTL serial cp2102 / cp2104 / cp210x - Download drivers and firmware

    Purchase module USB to serial arduino and debrick

    Operating systems: Windows XP/ Server 2003/ Vista / 7 / 8 / Windows 2000 / WinCE / Macintosh OSX / Linux.

    ww.siliceo.esDrivers SILICON LABS: Diver cp2102CP210x USB to UART Bridge USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers

    Download for Windows XP/Server 2003/Vista/7/8/8.1 (v6.6.1)

    GPS para tablet android micro USB Globalsat SIRF-IV 353 cableDriver to use USB GPS and microUSB on android tablet - Works with GPS USB Globalsat ND-100S ND-105C and BU-353S4

    GLOBALSAT ANDROID GPS - BU-353 ND-105 PL2303 GPS USB aplicación PL2303GPSinfo.apk




    User manuals PDF for devices BOUGHT ON - SILICON STORE ® - WWW.SILICEO.ES

    Manual repeater WIFI universal router repeater plug. WIFI extender. WIFI booster. Router rpeater WIFI. The pocket WiFi is a device of connection of wired and wireless network designed specifically for the small business, office, and home. Allows you to extend the coverage of a wireless network using multiple access points without the need of a structure wired to link them. Modes AP, repeater / repeater , Client / Client. All detailed on how to configure repeater wifi inhalámbico. It is installed in a wall outlet. Can be installed several to cover all of the points with WIFI coverage poor in the house or premises.

    Repeater wireless N 300MPS router universal amplifier wireless coverage LAN rj45 jack european . Download manual in English, Spanish, Spanish.

    Amplificador cobertura repetidor WIFI extender router 7w211WIFI REPEATER user Manual PDF Spanish couple arouter WIFI repeater 7Inova 7W211 download - Download

    Repetidor WIFI N Router 300mbps enchufe pared EU amplificadorUser Manual English wireless router repeater WIFI universal wall plug 300Mbps 300m

    WIFI router repeater range extender 300MB english user manual

    WIFI router repeater range extender 300MB Italian user manual

    Manual with instructions and a guide to install the wifi antenna is USB powerful router with Open-WRT. Lantena WIFI USB take internet and repeats it to d through the eun router with USB Port. Router special Open-WRT SILICON with drivers for WIFI antennas.

    The router with Openwrt of SILICEO STORE are the only ones that allow you to repeat the signal catching from a antenna wifi USB Melon, The firmware for these router has a built-in all drivers for antennas wifi adapters USB. Blueway, Melon, Ralink,WifiSky, Alpha, Realtek etc, The router distributes after the internet to several devices at the same time, by WIFI or cable for the entire house or premises. Router stable with two interfaces WIFI running at the same time by different channels without interference. Easy Setup. The router Opewnrt SILICEA are designed to offer the user all the advantages of the firmware Openwrt is more advanced. The drivers for antennas and WIFI adapters USB are integrated in the software of the router, so that you can connect a WIFI antenna long range with the chip RT3070 or RTL8187 in order to transmit the internet connection captured from a long distance for the wifi antenna, and passing it through the router for several devices at the same time.

    Router WIFI facil de configurar TENDA N301 repetidor WISP AP Manual Router Tenda N301 English N301

    Manual Router Openwrt USB SILICON. Router repeater internet wifi antenna USB. PDF Spanish

    Router OPENWRT USB N 300mbps Repetidor WIFI AP 2 Antenas MIMORouter Openwrt USB MTK7620N 4 antenas Repetidor WIFI 300MbpsManual Router Openwrt USB SILICON. repeater WIFI drivers for wifi antenna USB. Download Download

    Explanatory guide of how to install a WIFI antenna USB in a router with firmware Open-Wrt Silicon. The configuration of a router as a Repeater internet by WIFi is very easy, thanks to the router OpenWrt Silicon, which carry menu both in Spanish and in English. You are accessing the router configuration page and sets up easily. This router enables you to scan all the WIFI networks in the environment seeing the computer screen all the WIFI networks available and allowing you to select the network to which you want to link to, is so sencuillo as to connect to a WIFI network from your computer or mobile by entering the password. After the router creates a new wireless network with new password for the entire house.

    Pack router Openwrt repetidor USB español + antena wifi 36dbi

    The router uses factory-installed drivers for WIFI antenna Ralink, Mediatek, and Realtek. In this link it explains the whole process of installation and configuration of the router OpenWrt Silicon as a repeater internet with WIFI antenna USB

    FLASHLIGHT IMALENT DDT40. LED flashlight powerful, rechargeable SILICATE SHOP. More than 5000LM lumens.

    IMALENT DDT40 linterna recargable potente LED 5180LM brujula USER MANUAL FLASHLIGHT IMALENT DDT40 - ENGLISH– SPANISH

    Description: Spectacular powerful flashlight for rechargeable batteries of the Series Shark Imalent. The DDT40 offers touch screen and multifunctional flashlight with remote control. Uses 6 LEDS to offer a broad range of lighting options and function of display levels. Output of up to 5180 lumens creates intense area lighting combined with long reach. Ideal for users that need a high performance and multiple beam patterns. The DDT40 is a powerful herramientade lighting for photographers, video cameras, guards, police etc Mode Focus, strobe and SOS.

    MALENT DDT40 5180LM Cree XM L2 Waterproof 4 Modes LED Flashlight English User Manual:
    Product Description The Imalent DDT40 is a multi-functional touchscreen floodlight with a built-in digital compass, temperature sensor & remote control capabilities in 1
    light. It comes with 4 spot Cree XM-L2s at the front outputting 4000 lumens along with 2 more Cree XP-Ls LED at the sides that give 360 degree lighting that outputs 1,180 lumens. This is the craziest light from Imalent that we have seen. Uses 4 x 18650 batteries with a powerful beam that goes up to 450 meters.

    Manual minicámara MD80 SILICON mini DV video sports

    MD80 mini camara digital video DVR MD-80 USB espia webcamMD-80 SILICON MINI DV MANUAL PDF English download - Download --

    Manual mini router access point WIFI USB EDUP EP-2906 for smart TV wifi Client + AP

    Repetidor WIFI N USB AP WDS LAN EP-2906 cliente y emisor 150mbpsMini Router EDUP EP-2906 MANUAL PDF English download - Download

    Manual router portable 3G WIFI USB with Lithium battery 1800mAH PDF Spanish Spanish

    3G USB Router 4G Para modem SIM Repetidor WIFI Internet BateriaManual router 3G USB WIFI 1800MAH WIDEMAC SILICON Download Download

    Manual router ZBT7620 with USB port for 4G and 3G WIFI USB PDF Spanish Spanish

    MT7620N router WIFI neutro con USB compatible para modem 4G y 3G

    English Manual router 3G USB WIFI ZBT7620 MT7620N SILICON Download Download

    English Manual router 4G USB 3G WIFI ZBT7620 MT7620N Download

    Manual router portable 3G /4G WIFI USB hotspot model M1 + PDF English Spanish

    Mini router 4G 3G USB repetidor WIFI AP hotspot MIFI modem SIMManual mini router M! + 3/4G hotspot SILICEO Download Download

    Manual 3G router USB plug WIDEMAC SL-R7209 SILICEO PDF Spanish

    Repetidor WIFI enchufe router 3G USB para modem internet movilManual router 3g USB wall plug Download Download

    Manual modem router 3G USB SIM OMEGA OWLHM2W english

    User Manual and guide for how to configure a USB modem 3g in order to repeat the internet by WIFI. This Mifi creates a wifi hotspot laptop at any place. Rweparte intern3G to variso devices. 3g Modem USB with repeater wifi.

    MIFI modem 3G wifi SIM USB Hotspot internet movil APN MT6280Download manual OMEGA OWLHM2W

    Manual modem router 3G USB SIM OMEGA OWLHM2W english

    User Manual and guide for how to configure a wifi adapter USB . Thank you for purchasing the USB Adapter SILICON. This USB Adapter offers a great advantage either for use in the home or in the oficinina. The USB Adapter allows you to incorporate wireless connection to any computer in a simple way and easy. The majority of computers today have wireless cards built in, but usually have a signal weak. WIFI adapters powerful SILICEDO improve the WIFI connection and the speed of data transmission. The compact design of the USB Adapter makes it easier for the user mobiliadad to take you anywhere. Is powered by the USB port of the PC or Laptop, therefore you do not need a source of power.

    36dbi antena Panel WIFI 2000mw USB 10m cable 2W MELON N810 beiniReceptor USB WIFI N 300MB Realtek RTL8191 300mbps MIMO 1T2R 1WDownload Spanish manual antenna adapter WIIFI USB SILICON

    Manual surveillance system room debebés SILICON VB601. PDF Spanish

    vigilabebes digital camara bebe nocturna video intercomunicadorManual Camera babymonitor SILICON VB601 Spanish. Download Download

    User Manual camera wifi Q7 HD MD81S camera surveillance Iphone Android. PDF Spanish

    mini camara WIFI vigilancia espia HD Q7 MD81 DV P2P android IPManual Camera MINI DV HD Q7 MD81S WIFI P2P

    Manual and Drivers for GPS Canmore GP102+

    GPS campo CANMORE GP-102+ G-PORTER barometro altimetro loggerDownload Spanish Manual for GPS G-PORTER GP-102+ Canmore

    CD of Drivers and Camway