Guide WIFI

     Guide to extend the WIFI coverage and reception on different devices. How to buy a WIFI antenna powerful and cheap.

    This is a basic tutorial and guidance of the various WIFI devices on the market. For any questions, more specific check by mail to a technician SILICEO ONLINE that will help you in your choice. In this guide on the purchase of WIFI devices give you guidance, advice, and recommendations of the nine more effective systems to install and enhance wi-fi networks domestic and professional.

    1 - Adapters WIFI antenna

    The need most common is to connect to a WIFI router located inside our own house, but that for the distance we need a WIFI adapter with receiver stable. In the market is having network cards WIFI with free PCI and PCI-Express that connect directly to the motherboard of the PC, but the most common is to buy a USB adapter for WIFI antenna. They are inexpensive and easy to install.

    2 - Models of frequency of WIFI:

    The wifi adapters work similarly on Windows, Linux and MAC.

    In Android that is a Linux system closed, it is necessary that the device contains the driver for the WIFI antenna from the factory. Consult the manufacturer of the Android device that model of chip WIFI support and buy a USB adapter of the same model of chip for it to work.

    Manufacturers provide the drivers for these operating systems. Check in the tab of the product the supported systems or to ask a technical store support. Models WIFI N are compatible with all Windows including Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10 or later.

    Receptor WIFI b / g are the classics that reach speeds of up to 54mbps transmission, do not have much scope to external.

    The receptors WIFI technology N reach 150mbps, and N enhanced with two antennas come to 300Mbps ideal for reaching up to 150 metres indoors and 300 metres outdoors. For transmission of large size files, games, or video you need wifi N.

    WIFI 11AC is the new technology that reaches up to 867Mbps thanks to the WIFI technology AC and the USb 3.0 port an example is the adapter Alfa Network AWUS036AC 802.11 ac AC1200 (Works with all Windows and MAC Yosemite 10.10 or later)

    Receptor WIFI N 150Mb USB Nano Mini Wireless Micro nano3 - USB WIFI Adapter mini and nano

    Ideal for laptops, with internal antenna 2dbi improve the lacance WIFI own laptop or tablet device, getting a connection to more distance and stable. They are the size of a USB memory stick small and can be carried everywhere.

     USB WIFI N 2W antena 18dBi Blueway 150mbps BT-N9500 RT30704- Antenna USB WIFI with external antenna

    Are WIFI adapters, powerful, with output of thread SMA for attaching antennas 11dbi up to 18dbi. Ideal for computers, laptops and PC. Lead cable USB extension cable of 1 meter to 3 meters to place them in the area of better coverage.

    To be able to access a WiFi signal from a router nearby, inside or outside of the premises may install a WiFi adapter USB. The performance will be better than the WiFi antenna that we have built into our laptop. When you install it quickly, we will observe that we have more speed and greater stability. These WIFI adapters USB lead connector of antenna SMA that allows you to replace the antenna included in a series from another yagui or directional to get even better results

    Antenas WIFI Direccionales5 - Antenna WIFI Directional OUTDOOR

    These directional antennas WIFI antennas, waterproof enclosure, plastic water proof carry the USB adapter with built-in antenna, and cables of 5m to 10 meters. They are very powerful and can reach maximum distances of 1km up to 3km with direct vision. Are a system designed to make connections to WIFi networks outside the house but within the same locality. You can easily connect to public networks of the internet for free.

    Antena WiFi Yagi 10dBi Alfa Network AYA-2410 2.4GHz exterior6 - Antenna Yagi directional

    Antennas are of large size that are connected to the USB adapter and allow connections to the great distance between 1km and 2km. They are very accurate when you are geared exactly towards the point of emission. They are the best option when we know the exact location of the network link.

    Antena WIFI parabolica rejilla Alfa AGA-2424T 24dBi Grid N 7 - Dish antennas parabolic WIFI directional

    Parabolic antennas WIFI or grid of 2.4 GHZ are professional solutions that are also used by all kinds of fans to the world WIFI. Can connect to points of emission and reception at incredible distances of between 8km and 10km provided that there are no barriers or interference emission electromagnetic powerful as repeaters in telephony.

    Repetidor WIFI N Router 300mbps enchufe pared EU amplificador8 - Repeater WFI plug

    Allow you to repeat a WiFi signal within a local or home and connect to the multiple devices. They are placed in any wall outlet. Is configured as a router with repeater mode. It is a fast and economical solution. Can be connected by cable to another router or repeat WIFI to WIFI with the same network name or a different. Work as WIFI access point AP. Another way is to install a router Neutro WIFI 300MBps with external antennas that will greatly improve the wifi network in the house.

    MELON N828 CPE PoE 300mb WIFI AP router repetidor exterior9 - Access Point AP Outdoor CPE

    To connect to a network near you can also use a device of outside type CPE, Outdoor Wireless CPE. With RJ45 connection, have the advantage that the device is powered by LAN cable RJ45 up to 120 meters of cable with PoE active, and can be placed outdoors without the need to have outlets near. Can act as a repeater WIFI, access point or WIFI client to pick up the internet signal, and bring it through the cable interior to another router. Are the devices very stable and professional.

    10 - Software for WIFI access point. Repeat the internet from a computer. USB WIFI Ralink (MTK) RT3070 YRT3072

    An Access Point APis a device through which other devices can connect to the internet. Adapters WIFI chip RT3070 & RT3072 as the Melon N3000, Melon N4000 and LINKSURE strain n315, have several operating modes, in addition to the Client mode (receiver WIFI), can operate in AD-HOC mode and AP mode (access point WIFI), or mode to Station + AP (combining both modes, it receives the internet by WIFI, and repeated by WIFI). This SOFT-AP for adapters USB WIFI Ralink RT3072 comes built-in you CD drivers from the device box WIFI chip Ralink. Thanks to this program easy to use, you can let other computers and devices to connect to the internet through the WIFI antenna connected to the Ralink AP, as shown in the following diagram. This is done through the establishment of a wireless connection between the Ralink AP and an AP connected to the Internet. It runs on computers that have the connection d and the internet by cable or by connecting through another WIFI card, at the same time, which is repeated with a second antenna. The soft-AP Ralink Mediatek works with Windows 7 / 8 / 10 and higher. See drivers and manual in the section MANUALS AND DRIVERS

     Note: the distances of WIFI connection are measurements estimatorias of the manufacturers. A wireless connection will always depends on the environment, barriers, interference of electromagnetic emissions, the weather, etc


    FAQ WIFI frequently asked Questions.

    How can I get on lightweight walls, houses and buildings?

    The WIFI signal can pass through walls light provided they have no metal barrier, it works very well in local and dwellings with partitions, and no problems up to 300m. More distance is better not to have barriers. Practical solutions are to place the antennae or the router near the windows, outside or on the roof.

    Can I extend the WIFI coverage to my yard, home close, upper floors etc?

    Yes, it is very easy by placing repeaters wifi plug, WIFI adapters, powerful in all the computers. Another solution is to install a good router neutral 300Mb with external antennas. the router serial many phone companies are very limited and the WIFI network that they create is very slow or little scope. The router neutral SILICON can replace or connect to another router and create a WIFI network of high-speed.

    Can I connect my antenna USB WIFI to a router, and so repeat the internet for the whole house?

    It is only possible with a router Openwrt SILICON. These router take a special firmware with the drivers for WIFI antenna USB built-in, are the only ones that work as a WIFI router to repeat the signal of WIFI antennas USB powerful.

     Pack router Openwrt repetidor USB español + antena wifi 36dbi Buy pack Kit Router with Open-WRT SILICON with WIFI antenna USB powerful

    The configuration of a router as a Repeater internet by WIFi is very easy, thanks to the router OpenWrt Silicon, the menu is available both in Spanish and in English.

    Full Manual in English of router OpenWrt Siliceo to repeat the Internet with USB WIFI

    Can I repeat the signal of my 3G modem to USB?

    Yes, it is very easy and practical there are various models of router with USB 3G that will split the internet to multiple computers, tablet and mobile.

    I have a computer connected to the internet can I repeat the signal by WIFI to other devices?

    Yes, it is very convenient and useful for travel, works with a special program software RALINK sof-AP WIFI and with antennas or adapters USB WIFI support RT3070 & RT3072.

    Are the cables of WIFI antenna SMA have a loss of signal?

    Yes, the antenna cables all have loss of signal, which is significant from the 3 meters, for this reason it is best to install WIFI adapters with USB cables without loss of signal reach up to 10 meters, or systems CPE with up to 120metros with RJ45 cable to active, without signal loss.