About Us

 Welcome to SILICEO!

At SILICEO we love technology, all of it. From WIFI adapters, routers, to moviles , LED clocks, GPS  and all the way through to the humble cable, we believe technology can change your life and are just as passionate (some might say geeky) as you are.

We love discovering, reviewing and bringing you the newest and most exciting pieces of kit from the world's leading technology manufacturers, as well as from other names who you may not know so well, but who have awesome gadgets we know you'll love.

We are the only true global online consumer technology retailer, and we want to be the preferred choice for customers looking to buy the very best, offering the latest gadgets and tech at great prices and sharing our knowledge of what makes each product so good.

SILICEO was born in Spain in 2010, formed by a group of software developers and technicians, and we quickly gained a reputation for both being the first to bring the latest products to a tech-savvy audience and an in-depth knowledge of the mobile communications and computing industry. From these humble beginnings we have grown over the years and now sell a range of products to customers in over 100 countries.

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