• Manual Basic installation of ROUTER with Open-Wrt SILICEO with WIFI ADAPTER USB

    Exclusive features the router's OpenWrt Siliceo

    This model of router OpenWrt is exclusive and designed to operate as a repeater antenna adapters, WiFi USB. The router has a USB port especially designed for Siliceo Online. The Firmware of the router comes factory prepared with all the dirvers needed to recognize the WiFi antennas of the brand Melon, Alpha, Blueway and all the leading chip Mediatek Ralink RT3070 RT3072, RT5370, MT7102 Realtek RTL8187, RTL8188

    The unique design of the router OpenWrt allows you to connect the wiFi antenna through the USB port of the router and that the router and the antenna to work simultaneously, in this way, the antenna takes the internet away and the router repeated it by cable and a new WiFi network.
    In addition to the router are managed using a configuration interface from any computer, phone or Tablet connected to the router. The configuration screen is very simple to use as it looks in these images and can be used with the languages Spanish or English.

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    This model of router OpenWrt Siliceo is exclusively designed to operate as a repeater antenna for USB port. The router has a USB port special, designed for Siliceo Online. The Firmware of the router come factory prepared with all the dirvers needed to recognize

    Directions to perform a few simple steps and configure the router special Open-Wrt as a repeater WIFI. With this system you can repeat the signal internet free fuck for the long-range antenna attached to a USb port of the router. The router will repeat the internet for all the devices in the home or office.

    You can purchase the Router with Open-Wrt with drivers for WIFI antenna USB separately or in a pack next to the WIFI antenna long range Melon 36dbi with a USB cable 10 meters.

    Pack router Openwrt repetidor USB español + antena wifi 36dbiRouter Openwrt USB MTK7620N 4 antenas Repetidor WIFI 300Mbps


    *WIFI ACCESS POINT SUPPLIED BY THE ROUTER is compatible with all WIFI adapters USB brands like Alpha, Netsys, Kasens, Melon, Blueway... leading Chip WIFI Relatek or Ralink Mediatek RT3070 MT5370/ MT7601 / MT3072 / RTL8187/ RTL8188 and others.

    First steps

    This router comes from the factory loaded with all drivers for WIFI antenna USB upload, so when you connect a WIFI adapter for the USB port will recognize it and will allow it to connect networks WIFI the same as that from a computer.

    1. Connect the USB cable from the antenna to the router. Extended Cable and the antenna oriented towards the network that you want to bind.

    2. Turn on the router and connect it by LAN cable to a computer to configure it. (you can also configure it for WIFI)

    3. Enter in the router's web (admin password)

    4. Enter in the tab NETWORK / WIFI will be 2 WIFI networks: RADIO 0 is the router and RADIO 1 is the antenna. Radio 0 is configured as Master . (emitter WIFI) and Radio 1 should be as a Client (receiver WIFI) for that, press the a button to explore, search for your wifi network, enter the password (WPA passphrase WPA), and always save all changes.

    5. When the router saves the changes to the antenna will connect to the internet, and then you can connect wired computers to the LAN ports on the router, or the new WIFI Open-Wrt phones, tablet etc... By default, the new network has no password, you can give it a new name and a own password to the network Master.

    Buscar redes wifi abiertas con router Open-wrt


    Connect the router to the power supply through the adapter jack to USB. Immediately the router create your WIFI network named “OpenWrt”, by default has no password, therefore can be accessed through this network but can also connect to an RJ-45 cable. The cable connection makes the configuration of the router. Access the web configuration through the web browser, with the address that comes on the sticker back of the router ( Once connected to that address, the web browser will show the authorization page:

    User: root /password: admin (you can change password for access to: System / administration / password**


    ** NOTE: it Is important that our router has a different IP address to the router's internet provider, if you have the same it is necessary to change it. Access to LAN Interface / Edit / IP address, address a neutral as an example ( Can be changed in the System settings / LAN / IP. Remember that the new settings page will be the new IP.
    After logging in to the web we see the configuration summary of the wifi networks.
    When we connect our wifi adapter to the USB port of the router you will see two wifi networks. The first (radio 0) is the router itself, it is necessary to configure it as a transmitter, or access point (Master) (such as LAN). The second network (radio 1) is the antenna. This network is configured as a client -Client - WDS-. The two networks must be enabled, otherwise click the option “activate”.

    Explorar redes wifi con router Openwrt

    **If we connect other antennas, the emergence of new networks, which we can then remove or add.

    **But appears radio1 tra sconectar the antenna to the USB, Restart the router (from the tab Reboot).

    Once we have the external antenna USB (radio 1) in client mode, enter in “Scan”, here we see all the networks available in the environment. The scanner shows us the full information of the quality of the signal, channel, network name, MAC, and security type. We choose our network, “Join Network”. After you Enter the security password in the window WEP /WPA, or Passphrase (passphrase WPA). We “Save all changes” connected and transmitting. This network is configured as a Client.


    WIFI networks can be configured in two ways, as a Master emit WIFI and function as the point of access, and as a Customer receive WIFI and transmit it to the router, this mode allows you to browse nearby networks the same as that from a computer.
    From the tab of Network / Wifi access to our network “Master” and enter to edit. Hence we changed the name of our network are advised to change the channel to Auto, in this mode Open-Wrt issued by the channel with the least interference automatically.
    DNS: In the event that everything is well configured but does not transmit the internet, check the DNS settings. To transmit the internet can be configured a DNS fixed: Network / Interfaces /wwan/ edit: Clear the box and put the DNS in “user custom DNS server” for example


    In this window you can change the password to access the router, by default it is “admin” but can be changed. The user name for the router is always “root” does not allow to be modified.
    This option allows you to connect to the official website of Open-Wrt and add new drivers for different functions. You can add files LUCI, compatible with all languages. You can add drivers for different uses.
    *System: Allows you to change options time zone, and change of languages of the router.
    Multi-WAN allows for the use multiple exit links for load balance and failure control.
    DHCP and DNS
    Dnsmasq is a program that combines a DHCP server and a DNS forwarder for NAT firewalls
    Firewall - zone Settings
    The firewall creates zones over your network interfaces to control the flow of traffic.
    The basic aspects of your device as the time zone or name of the host. Language.

    5. RESET. As to reset a router with Open-Wrt and delete the configuration:

    The router has the function reset. You can return to the factory default state and erase all the settings, then return to start and configure it differently. it is also useful to reset the router when the memory is filled or does not work properly. You can do this in two ways, from the settings page with the option to restore to factory state, or by pressing for 5 seconds the reset button.

    ** Note, when the router is reset, for security, the WIFI router is turned off and you need to activate it from the settings page.

    Router with Open-Wrt Siliceo with drivers for antenna USB

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