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Altimeter barometer analog


barometer rugged and lightweight for mountain. Barometer, Altimeter and Thermometer.

With hanger metal carabiner clip-aluminum optional. You do not need batteries.

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Altimeter laptop without battery works as a barometer or altimeter elevation and thermometer

1 measuring range: (height) 0 to 5000 meters; pressure () of 580 to 1040 hectopascos; (temperature)-30 °C to 50 °C
2, resolution: 20 meters
3, specifications: length 85 x width 68 x height 28mm, diameter of the dial 60mm
4, storage conditions: temperature between-30 ° C ~ 65 ° C; humidity below 90%


100% brand new.

Weight: 122g

Color: Yellow - Grey

Dimensions: 8.2 x 6.5 x 2.7 cm

Multifuncion:Barometer Altimetro Termometro

Altimetro: from 0 ~ 5000 m

Barometer: from 600 ~ 1000 hPa

- Thermometer: from - 30 ~ 50 degrees Celsius


Carabiner aluminum

Analog, battery-free.

Climbing, mountaineering, skiing, and outdoor sports!

Notifies you of changes of the time function of weather prediction.

Very robust and resistant, protection against bumps. Durable for life.

The Pack includes:
1 x Barometer / Altimeter
1 x Thermometer
1 x Hanger
1 x presentation Box
1 x Manual of instructions

The atmospheric pressure is the force that the weight of the column of atmosphere above the point of measurement exerts per unit area. The unit of measurement in the metric system is the hectoPascal (hPa) which corresponds to a force of 100 Newtons over a square meter of surface. The variation of pressure with height is much greater than the variation in horizontal, so in order to make comparable measurements in different places, there is who to refer them to a common level (usually sea level).

1 mm of mercury (0°C) = 1.332 hPa
1 hPa = 1 millibar (mb)
1 standard atmosphere ATM = 1013.25 hPa


At a general level, the barometer indicates the atmospheric pressure, in such a way that high pressures indicate dry weather, while low are a sign of rain or wet weather. But this is not the only data that we can obtain from this device, we must also take into account the trend of the pressure, which is understood as a “trend,” the increase or decrease of the pressure in an interval of about 3 hours, in this way:
- Descent slow and steady: announces that there will be wind for a few days.
- Rapid descent: indicates wind immediately.
- Down low: wind weak.
- Significant decline: strong wind.
- Climb slow and steady; a sign of good weather for the next two or three days.
- Rapid rise: improvement of short duration.

• If the needle exceeds 1020 millibars: we are in a regime anticiclónico.
• If the needle mark is around 1015 millibars: we can expect bad weather.
• A decrease of 2 or 3 millibars in three hours: it indicates that almost certainly will worsen the time.
• A descent of 4 or 5: announces the arrival of a significant disruption.
• A decrease of more than 5 millibars: we must prepare for the arrival of a phenomenon that is very violent.


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    Altimeter barometer analog

    Altimeter barometer analog

    barometer rugged and lightweight for mountain. Barometer, Altimeter and Thermometer.

    With hanger metal carabiner clip-aluminum optional. You do not need batteries.

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