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Sale! GPS Data logger USB - Antenna Receiver For computer SJ-5282-DL View larger

GPS Data logger USB - Antenna Receiver For computer SJ-5282-DL

GPS Data Logger

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SJ-5282-DL (Data Logger) 3-IN-1




Connected by USB to your laptop or Tablet turns it into a GPS

in addition to provided that is connected to keeps TRACK of all the routes for

download later, has internal memory 8MB for several days of route

You can connect to the connector of cigarette lighter to record the data of the whole trip



CAR (DC 10~35V)- 1 * CD DRIVER - 1 * USER MANUAL



CHIP Skytraq Venus 6 HIGH-SPEED


It can be used directly in the laptop or with USB extension cable

Instalando free software as Gooble Earth, Google Maps, Destinator 7, PhotoTagger........

Your laptop or Tablet PC will turn into a powerful GPS navigator for paths to city or camp through, and even with a guide voice for car.

You can save Tracks, plan routes, coordinates, position, pictures................and a thousand utilities, GPS


****To navigation marítma, road or adventure****



CHIP Skytraq Venus 6 HIGH-SPEED

1. REGISTRATION OF ROUTES As soon as you connect the adapter to the GPS to the USB port of your computer or the connection of a car's cigarette lighter, it starts the registration of its position, speed and altitude. 2. When you get home, you can open the data logger software package is included, and see all the paths registered to the right in Google Maps or Google Earth. This powerful easy to use software allows you to view data such as start time, end time, duration, and distance of each route, as well as the altitude, speed, and GPS coordinates at every point along its trajectory. 3. Use the included software to locate the photos than it does along its route. You can embed GPS information in your photos and upload them to Flickr. Now your family and friends all over the world can see your pictures and the exact location of the outlet!
*This GPS Receiver with USB connection serves to transform your computer into a GPS navigator, and much more.
*Works directly from the USB port of your computer and do not require any type of feeding external. All you need is to connect it to the USB port of your PC, install the software of navigation GPS preferred by you.
*This GPS receiver with USB connection requires no external antenna, I get good reception inside the vehicle. In addition can be lengthened with THE INCLUDED USB cable.
*The data provided by the GPS receiver included latitude, longitude, altitude, velocity, satellite and receiver status and to ensure accuracy.
Turn your laptop, notebook, or netbook into a GPS navigator
Sign in with your GPS coordinates, speed and altitude.
See your routes on Google Maps or Google Earth
OPERATING SYSTEMS: Mac, Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP (32 & 64 bit) / Vista (32 & 64 bit) / Windows 7 v RCBUILD 7100 (32 & 64 bit).
· First install the drivers from the INCLUDED CD. In addition to this USB receiver, you will also need to install the GPS navigation software. Once your computer has GPS software, you will be ready to connect this GPS receiver and start using it.
· Software of navigation GPS is working better with this team? Yes, this USB GPS receiver should be compatible with software such as Photo Tagger, Destinator 7, Microsoft Streets and Trips, Fugawi, Mapking, National Geographic TOPO!, iGuidance and the greater part of the software that is supported in the protocol of NMEA data.
*** Includes CD with Drivers and PHOTO TAGGER basic.
· Why can't I find the satellite signals? If this is your first time using this USB GPS receiver, the cold start takes about a minute. The acquisition of data will be faster to continue using it.

How it works:
1. As soon as you connect this device protection GPS into the USB port of your computer or adapter for car cigarette, will start logging your position, speed and altitude.
2. When you get home, open the package of software Data Logger included and displays all of your routes are registered directly in Google Maps or Google Earth. This software is powerful and easy-to-use allows you to view data as the start time, end time, duration and distance of each route, as well as your speed, altitude and GPS coordinates at every point of its path.
The laptop must have mapping software installed. (Not included in the standard package)
3. Use the included software to paste your photos and captions in your path. Inserts GPS information in your photos and upload to Flickr. Now your family and friends all over the world can see your pictures and the exact location where you took them!

Model: 5282DL
- An electronic compass intelligence for outdoor activities
- Adopt the chipset SkyTraq 65-channel for fast acquisition and reacquisition
- Compatible with WAAS / EGNOS
- Can store records of 100,000 bits
- Support mini G-mouse, data recording, tracking functions photos

Powerful USB GPS 3 in 1 for laptops and notebooks.
Turns your laptop, notebook or notebook into a GPS.
Adopts the chipset SkyTraq 65-channel for fast acquisition and reacquisition.
GPS antenna built-in to the rapid acquisition of satellites.
High sensitivity (to -160dBm).
Support AGPS for incredible connection satellite fast.
Support standard NMEA0183.
WAAS / EGNOS compatible.
Capable of keeping up to 100,000 records or positions, including longitude, latitude, speed, UTC and tag data.
Software of Photo Tagger based on the window easy-to-use and powerful.
Does not requires additional load or power supply.
Compact and lightweight.

Protocol: NMEA 0183 - GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC
Baud rate: 9,600 bps; Datum: WGS-84
Frequency: L1, 1575.42 MHz
C / A code: speed of chip 1.023 MHz
Acquisition time: hot start 1 second; cold Start 29 sec. (average)
Built-in flash memory: bits of 8M for the registration of data with a binary data of 8 bytes per record
Storage: up to 100K data records
USB: USB 2.0
Product size: 72 x 30 x 16 mm
Product weight: 23g
Package size: 158 x 92 x 59 mm
Package weight: 138g
- Package included:
- Locator GPS location 1 *
- 1 * USB cable
- 1 * car charger (DC 10 ~ 35V)
- 1 * CD
- 1 * English user manual

System specification
Chipset Skytraq Venus 6
Frequency L1,1575.42 MHz
Chip rate C / A Code 1.023 MHz
Channels 65 channels tracking all-in-view
Tracking sensitivity -160 dBm
Re-acquisition -157 dBm

Position Horizontal 10m 2D RMS (without SA)
WAAS enabled 5m 2D RMS (without SA)
Time 1 micro-second synchronized with the time of the GPS
Speed 0.1 m / sec 95% (without SA)

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    GPS Data logger USB - Antenna Receiver For computer SJ-5282-DL

    GPS Data logger USB - Antenna Receiver For computer SJ-5282-DL

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