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Camp Pro 2 mini kit WiFi Alpha network interior


The Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 Mini works the same as the Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 full-size, but is composed of smaller pieces designed for use indoors or smaller spaces.

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Alfa network WiFi Camp 2 Mini

Includes the same WiFi router USB R36A, which is located in the kit Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2, but in place of the tube and the USB antenna for larger exterior, it includes a USB receiver for indoor and a smaller antenna of 5 dBi.

This kit WiFi mini is a perfect solution to increase the range where the Alpha WiFi Camp Pro 2 original may be too large. If you own a motorhome and do not want to mount an outside antenna is big and long on the outside of the AC, then you can use the Kit Camp Pro mini from the window of the vehicle and can obtain a result that is optimal, especially in small terraces in apartment complexes where the rules d ealojamiento may prohibit the installation of WiFi antennas larger exterior. Or take it with you in a travel bag for laptop and use in a hotel or on the road.

The package of Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 Mini includes:

- Router Alpha R36A USB WiFi router + dipole antenna 5 dBi

- wireless WiFi adapter USB Alfa AWUS036NH Receiver USB wifi indoor + dipole antenna 5 dBi

USB Cable of 3 meters to unite R36A and AWUS036NH

- Mounting bracket-U for AWUS036NH with suction cup and clip attachment

power supply AC wall

- Ethernet Cable for configuration

This is a kit of special delivery that presents all the previous equipment designed to capture a weak signal of WiFi and repeat it as their own access point staff. This is ideal for use in boats, recreational vehicles and campers, or larger properties.

camp pro mini alfa

pro wifi

Router USB Alpha R36A

This is the successor to the previous model Alfa R36, and is a router 802.11 n special with a USB port that allows you to share the connection WiFi long range USB wireless adapter for external Alfa Tube-U (N). Now you can extend a weak signal of WiFi to all your devices, such as smartphones, printers and tablets. R36A provides updates to internal hardware for better overall performance and reliability. It also presents a configuration interface in the website completely redesigned.

USB receiver Alfa AWUS036NH

This component comes with a USB cable of 3 meters long that runs into the USB port of the R36A. This is the radio receiver that picks up the signal far away from WiFi. Has an antenna connector male RP-SMA. It also comes with a dipole antenna gain of 5 dBi.

If desired, the AWUS036NH can also connect to the USB port of a computer with Windows 10 supports to extend the scope only to that PC, but using it with the R36A will allow you to share the reception with multiple WiFi-enabled devices at the same time.

How it works Camp Pro 2 mini

Use all of these components above together to increase and share a WiFi signal. Simply connect your computer to the R36A through an ethernet cable or a WiFi connection for a single configuration. Connect the AWUS036NH the USB port of the R36A. With the scanning software, WiFi integrated in the R36A that you will see during the configuration wizard, you can scan and connect to available wireless networks in your area. Once the R36A has been connected to a network, you are prompted to name and password protect your new local network of WiFi, offering any device within a few hundred feet the ability to use the same WiFi signal distant.

Reaching distance

There is a distance d ealcance defined, or a specific range that can be calculated, since the range can vary greatly depending on the environment and environmental factors, such as barriers, walls, buildings, trees, and interference. We recommend to use this in an area where other devices can at least transmit a weak signal to the desired network, such as a bar. If the environment is such that their devices can't even see the desired network from the place of intended use, it is possible that the Camp Pro does not work well there.

camp pro mini


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    Camp Pro 2 mini kit WiFi Alpha network interior

    Camp Pro 2 mini kit WiFi Alpha network interior

    The Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 Mini works the same as the Alfa WiFi Camp Pro 2 full-size, but is composed of smaller pieces designed for use indoors or smaller spaces.

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