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    The company Alpha Network was founded in Taipei (Taiwan) in the year 2003 by a group of experts in telecommunications and network engineers, and very soon became a worldwide leader in the manufacture of Wi-fi devices and WLAN. The core of the company is based on the development of channels of wireless products as well as firmware and software to work with WiFi networks.

    ALFA NETWORK INC. company of TAIWAN - Neihu Dist., Taipei City 114, Taiwan (R. O. C.)


    In the 2020 ALPHA Network has become the champion of the sales of WiFi devices, routers, network cards and adapters USB WiFi, which are bought both by home users, offices and small businesses. ALFA Network markets and sells its products from Taiwan to America, Europe, China and the Asia / Pacific region through a global network of resellers, retail channels and e-commerce as is the case in Spain of SILICEOUS ONLINE STORE.

    Due to our experience in communication and networks, WiFi networks, our connectivity solutions are designed to enable broadband access, video, voice and data, from indoors to outdoors, to meet the needs of different users. As a supplier and global distributor, ALFA Network not only supports our customers in materials, products and technical support, but also collaborates closely with them in the design and installation of WiFi networks.

    The antenna WiFi Alfa long-range:

    ALFA Network provides a complete range of antennas for WiFi that llegán farther than the other brands. The long-range for products, 802.11 g, and 802.11 N is guaranteed in all its routers to Access Point, network adaptors, WiFi, Router, external modules, web cameras, gateways, hubs, PoE, Switch, and on all WiFi Antennas for outdoor and long-range. Our products offer strong security and privacy settings to protect clients domestic and commercial. ALPHA Network is committed to always provide simple devices to install, and are expandable to networks in growth. The solutions of WiFi ALPHA Network is defined as WLAN networks easy to use, easy to maintain, and cheap to make them attractive for purchase by home users as well as for companies and professional installers.

    As for the price, the network devices ALPHA have a cheap price, and affordable to suit all budgets demanding of telecommunications. With the brand ALPHA Network, the WiFi connections are made easy.

    The best online Shop of Alfa Network

    Thanks to its constant work, SILICATE SHOP ONLINE from Spain is one of the best sellers of products WiFi Alpha Network. From that came the famous wireless WiFi adapter AWS036H IN 2009, the brand Alpha stood as one of the WiFi products more desired to be able to reach from the inside d them houses, WiFi networks, external, or remote, even crossing the walls. From this first model Alfa AWUS036H, the taiwanese brand has designed and manufactured series of products increasingly fast and powerful as the current Alpha AWUS036ACH and Alpha AWUS1900

    Buying a wifi antenna Alfa long range you can get the power and gain required to reach 1kilómetro, 2 km , 3 km and even 10 km of distance for WiFi. Alpha Network is the best brand that designs antennas long range WiFi outer as the parabolic WiFi antennas and Gregorian series AGA.

    WiFi antenna the more powerful are Alpha, and they work with Kali Linux and Pentesting WiFi

    WiFi adapters USB have completely replaced the network cards are internal and have become the most cost-effective alternative for those users who need to connect using a WiFi network far.

    The adapters that works on the IEEE 802.11 standards are still the most used on all operating systems of the Linux environment as they are Wifislax or Kali Linux.

    All the WiFi adapters that are genuine Alfa Manufactured in Taiwan come in a box sealed and with the logo featured ALPHA NETWORK. You will always see that everything is very well placed not to suffer any kind of blow. On the outside of the box lists the features and technical characteristics that has the wireless WiFi adapter USB and with drawings and graphics detailing the modes of installation and the main uses that can be given to these adapters. Moreover, it always indicates that the other products of the same manufacturer may be combined. For example the WiFi adapter AWUS036ACH can be combined with the router AIP-525HU and so indicates in the case of these products with a drawing.

    More valued by the buyers of antennas WiFi Alpha is that we're never going to have any kind of problem at the time of installing the driver or drivers of the devices due to the high compatibility with current operating systems whether Linux, Windows or MAC OS.

    When we open the box of a product ALPHA find the adapter protected by a rigid plastic. The WiFi adapter always USB includes a USB cable, sufficiently long as to be able to install it in any computer's USB port and use the antennas from the table, and many of the kit WiFi Alfa include a suction cup or a clip to easily place it in the window or on the screen of the laptop.

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